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Monday, March 11, 2013

Slow Day....

 photo slowday1_zps2ba98c72.jpg

 photo slowday2_zps5da32841.jpg

 photo slowday4_zps0cf63b9c.jpg

 photo slowday6_zpsce70855a.jpg

 photo slowday7_zps33c430a3.jpg
When littles are sick and no one feels up to doing much, you have to take it slow. When Disney cartoons and laying on the couch looses its flavor, bring out the board games. We love the game Blokus .Seriously So.MUCH.FUN! Perfect for a slow day,when everyone is feeling knocked down by the cold bug. Play, giggle, sniffle (I think its a word), and slow down.

These pictures are from last week- we have officially beaten the cold bug. Wahoo!

XO Danielle
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