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Friday, March 1, 2013

The Flirty Lace Tote

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Sometimes you just need to create. You need to feel the sweet sensation of fabric and thread...well at least I do. It has been quite a while since I have given my sewing machine much love. The last time I sewed was when I made the lace trim cardigans...that was like forever and a day ago! I just haven't had much inspiration lately.

I received some fabric in the mail, from, and I knew my sewing rut would be over. I busted out my sweet Brother sewing machine and got to designing. I have been bored with my current bag. I got it for Christmas and loved it, but I have a short attention span, when it comes to staying interested in my bags. I decided to make a new one. I wanted a tote that was girlie and big enough to hold all those goodies us gals just need to have.

I measured out my fabric. I wanted my finished bag to be 16 inches tall and 15 inches wide. The strap needed to measure 36 inches long.  I started cutting my fabric to fit those dimensions. I added an extra inch to each side for my seam allowance. 
 photo lacetote11_zps8a7fa97a.jpg

Once my two rectangles were cut to size, I added lace to the front of one of my rectangles. I also did a double roll hem to the top of my rectangles (these sides will become the top of your bag).

 photo lacetote10_zps8c6e2190.jpg

Next I put the right sides of my fabric together and I pinned them. Remember the right side of your fabric is the pretty side, the side you want to see. Once my sides were pinned I sewed my tote together.

 photo lacetote9_zps0c2c9345.jpg

Once my rectangles were sewn together, I right sided out my fabric. I then moved onto my strap.

 photo lacetote7_zps89c0ee31.jpg

I cut a strip of fabric that was 40 inches long. I double rolled it (to hide all the raw edges) and sewed it together. I then attached it onto the bag. You can see my box stitch in the picture below. Attach the strap to the inside of the bag.

 photo lacetote8_zps1f0d14e9.jpg

Then you're done! Easy peasy! I am in love with this bag, almost as much as I love my chevron tote I use for church. There is just something about new fabric and knowing you created it into something beautiful. It just makes my day.

 photo lacetote6_zpsbbc5d266.jpg

 photo lacetote5_zps8dee9d71.jpg

 photo lacetote2_zps6e83c5f2.jpg

 photo lacetote4_zps20d61f46.jpg

 photo lacetote3_zps5790a6d2.jpg

So create something beautiful today. Whether it's a yummy recipe or a new craft.....just enjoy the process of creating something beautiful.

For all you lovelies in the Sand Diego area, I will be skyping with the channel 6 news crew this morning at 9 am. Feel free to tune in. I am pretty excited. It will be my first skyping experience! Wish me luck!

XO Danielle
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