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Friday, March 1, 2013

The Flirty Lace Tote

 photo flirtCollage_zps3a546af4.jpg

Sometimes you just need to create. You need to feel the sweet sensation of fabric and thread...well at least I do. It has been quite a while since I have given my sewing machine much love. The last time I sewed was when I made the lace trim cardigans...that was like forever and a day ago! I just haven't had much inspiration lately.

I received some fabric in the mail, from, and I knew my sewing rut would be over. I busted out my sweet Brother sewing machine and got to designing. I have been bored with my current bag. I got it for Christmas and loved it, but I have a short attention span, when it comes to staying interested in my bags. I decided to make a new one. I wanted a tote that was girlie and big enough to hold all those goodies us gals just need to have.

I measured out my fabric. I wanted my finished bag to be 16 inches tall and 15 inches wide. The strap needed to measure 36 inches long.  I started cutting my fabric to fit those dimensions. I added an extra inch to each side for my seam allowance. 
 photo lacetote11_zps8a7fa97a.jpg

Once my two rectangles were cut to size, I added lace to the front of one of my rectangles. I also did a double roll hem to the top of my rectangles (these sides will become the top of your bag).

 photo lacetote10_zps8c6e2190.jpg

Next I put the right sides of my fabric together and I pinned them. Remember the right side of your fabric is the pretty side, the side you want to see. Once my sides were pinned I sewed my tote together.

 photo lacetote9_zps0c2c9345.jpg

Once my rectangles were sewn together, I right sided out my fabric. I then moved onto my strap.

 photo lacetote7_zps89c0ee31.jpg

I cut a strip of fabric that was 40 inches long. I double rolled it (to hide all the raw edges) and sewed it together. I then attached it onto the bag. You can see my box stitch in the picture below. Attach the strap to the inside of the bag.

 photo lacetote8_zps1f0d14e9.jpg

Then you're done! Easy peasy! I am in love with this bag, almost as much as I love my chevron tote I use for church. There is just something about new fabric and knowing you created it into something beautiful. It just makes my day.

 photo lacetote6_zpsbbc5d266.jpg

 photo lacetote5_zps8dee9d71.jpg

 photo lacetote2_zps6e83c5f2.jpg

 photo lacetote4_zps20d61f46.jpg

 photo lacetote3_zps5790a6d2.jpg

So create something beautiful today. Whether it's a yummy recipe or a new craft.....just enjoy the process of creating something beautiful.

For all you lovelies in the Sand Diego area, I will be skyping with the channel 6 news crew this morning at 9 am. Feel free to tune in. I am pretty excited. It will be my first skyping experience! Wish me luck!

XO Danielle


  1. This bag is sooo cute! I need to learn to use a sewing machine...haven't sat at one since 7th grade lol

    I found your blog from an article on yahoo about your family - I'm a new follower now, love your recipes too!

    Good luck with skyping on the news this morning :)

  2. That is SO COOL!!! Good luck!
    I am originally from San Diego and ALL of my family are still in SD.
    Your bag is super cute.

  3. I can't sew to save my life BUT I did write about you on my blog today. I saw your story on Yahoo news and was completely inspired :) I am already on the hunt for a new pressure cooker - you reminded me of how convenient they really are.

  4. I LOVE the looks so simple..I used to do a lot of sewing..nothing big just little stuff for my kids and dabbled a little in quilting.. but since my machine was dropped and broken when we moved so I don't have one anymore..I so miss it..I would def. make this back for my daughter and I to have to carry books in from the library.. Ps.. we are home schoolers too! Love your blog and everything about it..I knew a lot of the stuff but have also learned a lot of stuff that I will incorporate into my budget/life style! Thanks for all you do!

  5. A friend mentioned your blog to me as she knows I blog my crafts. I am enjoying your blog. I agree with all your principles and how you live debt free and budget etc. I do the same thing. The downturn in the economy has made it even more important. I lost my hubby to cancer when I was 40 and we were better than most as we had no debt and so I was able to live on my one income after he was gone. You never know what life will hand you. I look forward to reading and learning.I just got a pressure cooker so I am looking forward to learning how to use it. Crafting gifts is a great way to save money, making your own wrapping paper and cards too. Especially with the kiddos.

  6. I really like the girliness of the lace. I think I need to get some lace and experiment. Thanks for the inspiration :)

  7. Hi Danielle, Just saw the story about your beautiful family on the today's show! I'm always looking for ways to save and make life easier, so I'm excited to start following your blog.

    PS: My daughters name is Danielle too!

  8. Just saw you on NBC Today show. I am proud that you are able to see the picture. Too many young people would be on welfare in your situation. I have always lived with in my budget even being laughed at for living in a trailer! But if you live within your means, situations that hurt others financially will not touch you. I have had high paying jobs and even then lived like I didnt have money which always confused my friends and family. I was critically injured in a motorcycycle accident a couple of years ago and am on disability now, my wife works, and there is money in the bank from finacial desicions made years ago.
    You Rock! Good Luck with that Law enforcement job!

  9. Cute bag! I like the idea of the lace on it. I need to find some time to sew, I have so many projects in my head but Ebay is taking up a lot of spare time lately.

  10. fantastic bag! beautiful and romantic


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