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Saturday, April 20, 2013





Tonight is leftover night. We are heating up some leftover potato pizza and watching a movie. This is exactly how a leftover night should be. I love leftover nights, since I feel like I am getting a meal for free. I am using up a meal that others might have thrown away. It is also a night when I don't have to cook. We heat things up in the microwave, relax in our pj's, and enjoy a family movie. Not too bad for a Saturdy Night.

Potato Pizza is awesome. Make some mashed potatoes and place them in a 9x13 baking dish. Add your pizza toppings and bake for 25-30 minutes @350. Dinner in under 30  minutes rocks!

The winner of the Tea Ribbons Giveaway is Katrina Hutchins.
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  1. I love your web-site...although I can't use many of your recipes because my husband is on a low you have any recipes that have no carbs or are lower in carbs. He has lost 25 pounds by not eating carbs so I want to be able to cook and also help him on his weight loss journey:)



  2. I enjoy leftover nights too - if we have any. Now that my youngest son is 13 it seems no matter how much I cook there's never anything left, LOL!

  3. That looks yummy. I'll have to try it. Have a super day!

  4. are your potatoes butter and creamed (say leftover) or just plain potatoes?, btw got a bread machine today at Savers :D, 12 bucks (they had 2) I got the sun beam one, im looking up the manual for it online right now. looking forward to NOT having to make bread completely by hand sometimes. YAY!!

  5. I definitely want to try that recipe, it sounds yummy! A restaurant around here used to have an item on their menu called "pizza skins" which were potato skins with pizza toppings, this would be very similar.

  6. I agree with u have any low carb recipies u can share with us??? It would be an amazing help to my lifestyle and family as well. Please do a low carb post soon too :)

    1. I don't have any I can think of right now, but I will put on my thinking cap:>

    2. saw a recipe somewhere that used cooked cauliflower mashed with one egg and grated cheese as a no carb base for pizza.Anona

  7. Hi! I'd like to invite you to contribute dessert recipes to my Multi-Bloggers Board: Desserts! If you might be interested, please check out this post which I just published on my blog!

    Thanks!! Hope to hear from you soon!

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