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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Slow Day: Sand Art

 photo sandart2_zps5e718088.jpg

 photo sandart1_zps3d96cd85.jpg

Excuse me while we have a slow day over here. We are taking it easy, doing a little sand art, and possible a family movie night. A perfect slow day in my book. What do you guys do on your slow days?

Thanks Nana and Papa for the sand art kit. 
Miss Priss loves it:)

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I have a new Blissful Exchange Topic going on. This one comes from Elena.
What are some meals you can cook on Sunday and have for the entire week (mostly breakfast), for example, how can I cook grits to last me an entire week? I like to boil 5 eggs and have one with my breakfast each day. Can I pre-cook the side dishes, and how do I store them to make them last? If this would be possible, would make meal planning so much easier and saving both time and money. Thank you so much!!!!

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XO Danielle


  1. slow days are wonderful!! and i still luv sand art myself!

  2. slow days are the best! and i still luv sand art myself.

  3. How fun! I want to see the final result :)

  4. I just wanted to say that ever since I found your website, I have my paying off all of my credit card today and as of today I have no more credit cards to pay off! I am free!!! I have also found a way to budget my bills that are required monthly and I have found a better way to go grocery shopping, while saving money. I never spend the money on anything unless I already saved for it. And I'm even starting to put money into my savings account again. It feels wonderful! Thank yo for all of your great advice and knowing that it can be done.

  5. first wanted to say HI and let you know i've bookmarked your site. second i wanted to introduce myself a little. basically i'm a 41 y.o. mom of 4 (2 grown sons) and 2 younger kids, ages 12 and 10. i have recently been unable to work due to my disability. really sucks for our finances. i'm here to learn from you. i've applied for disability and on my 2nd year of denials. awaiting the hearing in front of the soc. security judge. probably won't get that for another year. so in a nutshell, life is hard for us. we live in arizona. my husband only brings in about 2,000 a month. so i'm going to be reading and figuring this out with you :) niki

  6. Love to create sand art. You can also use food coloring to color white cornmeal to create the same look. Works great.

    We use slow days to snuggle, watch movies with popcorn, color. We love these days to appreciate each other.

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