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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Family Night: Planning a Garden....for the Future

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 photo garden9_zpsdd246244.jpg

When the weather is hot and you have a little girl who longs to be a gardener, you go to Home Depot and plan your future garden. We walked around smelling the flowers and taking pictures. Miss Priss is very excited to one day have a garden. She knows it may be a while till we can start one of our own, so in the mean time she loves trips to Home Depot where she can see all the pretty flowers. This was a free, simple family outing.....perfect for a family night.

*Remember family night is not about the amount of money you spend, but how you spend your time together. Unplug and enjoy time with your family this week.

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XO Danielle


  1. Danielle,
    Zinnias would be perfect to plant and allow her to take care of SOMETHING. They are super easy to grow and a seed pack is under $2. Maybe only a $1 in some stores. All you need is a good size pot and a bag of dirt. Or make simple flower beds in your yard. Repurpose things for pots even! I have done lots of that this year. Potted plants are still perfect for children to get their hands dirty and learn to take care of something growing. We do not have our usual raised beds this year in our new home. I would go nuts without container gardening this year. Just thought I would pass along those thoughts. BTW I am posting some pics of my Zinnias (in a big container) tomorrow on my blog.

  2. Danielle:
    I just wanted to tell you your attitude towards the life you live is such an encouragement to me. Your husband and you are giving your children an inheritance for the future that is priceless.

  3. This is so sweet and fun!
    The art of window shopping is a lovely skill to cultivate along with your future plans for gardening.
    I love your attitude towards family night. You are very good at thinking outside the box!

  4. I love to go to Plantworld a bit of a trip for us but with all the birds its truly like walking through a garden

  5. My best friend has been following your blog and now I'm going to also! I love what I've read. I can so relate to the few posts I've read. As for gardening, I'm in the same boat. Here are some ideas if the lack of money is holding you back: Sometimes on craigslist you can find free fertilizer but you usually have to pick up. For small/container gardening you can use milk jugs, vegetable cans (which i did one year & hung them on my porch, using wire from old hangers), and 5 gallon buckets. I made the vegetable cans look pretty by spray painting the outside.
    Anyway, thanks for sharing and I'll be coming back:)


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