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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Garden Tour...

 photo easter1_zpsd211fe2e.jpg

 photo gardentour4_zps323177de.jpg

 photo gardentour3_zps4aab93ad.jpg

 photo gardentour2_zps7a95e51c.jpg

 my sisinlaw and me

In March Hubby and I took a tour of this woman's garden. It was beautiful and the tour was full of amazing information on gardening in the desert. Although I will not be doing a garden this year, I am hoping to do one in the future. I took tons and tons of notes. Thank you Brandy for opening up your home and for the amazing tour. I have learned so much and can not wait to begin my gardening journey soon.

If you are all wondering why I am not gardening this year...the reason is I am not sure if we are moving or not. Hubby just got a job in law enforcement- praise everything for that. He has worked hard and I am so proud of him - but we may be moving once he starts working, which means all gardening plans are on hold for now. I will keep you all posted on whether or not we move, how we are now saving for this possible move/new house, etc. 

Have a great day Lovelies!

Xo Danielle


  1. Congratulations to your husband. I know he has worked hard for this.

  2. I would have loved to see Brandy's garden in person!!! I did two interviews with her on my blog. One is frugal living and the other is frugal gardening. Here are the posts if you'd like to read them--she really shared alot of great tips!

  3. Thanks for sharing these pics. I now have another blog to follow! :-)

  4. Thanks for sharing your pics of this beautiful garden. I now have another blog I can follow! :-)

  5. Yeeyy, congratulations to your hubs! I wish you a lot of luck with figguring out everything!

  6. My garden looks so big from this angle!

    It's already grown so much since then. It's amazing what a difference just a short time makes in the garden.

  7. I knew from the photo that you were in the Prudent Homemaker's garden! I've been reading about her garden for years and I'm jealous you saw it in person. How fun!


    1. It is amazing and she is super sweet. Full of amazing knowledge. I seriously want her swing set:>

  8. I am wearing almost the exact dress you are You must be very fashionable. ;)


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