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Saturday, May 25, 2013

Little Helping Hands.....

 photo thincrustpizza1_zpsd82ef27b.jpg

 photo thincrustpizza2_zps0f1618fb.jpg

 photo thincrustpizza3_zps8981e060.jpg

 photo thincrustpizza4_zpsf2c547a6.jpg

 photo thincrustpizza5_zpsb3a6e045.jpg

 photo thincrustpizza6_zps834a6488.jpg

 photo thincrustpizza7_zps8bc61858.jpg

 photo thincrustpizza8_zpsd03b9766.jpg

It's pizza night, which means I have some sweet little red heads helping me in the kitchen today. Their little hands are helping me knead and roll out the dough. I know pizza taste ten times better to them when they have had a hand in its creation. I am thankful for these moments with my children. It gets messy and a bit chaotic in the kitchen, while little hands try to taste test the dough, sauce, cheese.....well basically everything...but I am thankful for the memories made. What are you guys doing for your pizza night this week?

*We are using my thin crust recipe above and we are using canned sauce, since I had some leftover sauce from a church activity.

XO Danielle
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