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Monday, May 27, 2013

Thrifty Purchases: School Books

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This past weekend I did a little thrift store run. The littles and I ventured to one of our favorite thrift stores, The Giving Store. I love this place. The people are friendly and I love knowing that my money spent is going to charity. It makes thrifting that much better!

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This past weekend I had some great luck with books. I found quite a selection to use for school next year. I am always on the look out for books I can use for school. Homeschooling can be really expensive, but by buying books at a thrifty price and using my libraries, I am to give my children a great education on our limited budget.

I also snagged a green dress to re-purpose (tutorial coming soon), 2 shirts and 2 chapter books for the girl, 2 chapter books and shorts for the boy, and a pillow case to make into a night gown as well. I plan to use the cupcake nightie tutorial for that one.

Total Spent- $30.00

Not too bad right? Well within my $60 budget for the month. What have you guys and gals found at thrift stores this month? I would love to hear :)

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XO Danielle


  1. Is that $60/mo just for thrifting? We don't have that category, but it may just be a great idea!!

    1. Yep, I use $60 a month at thrift stores and usually about $60 at a craft/sewing store. I thrift, re-purpose, or make clothes for my family, so this budget works great for us. I stay clear of Target and other retail stores. I have a rule that I only buy second hand or make my clothes. This saves my family a ton. Also when months are tight, then I don't go to thrift stores or anything:)

  2. You scored great on the books for homeschooling! I love the idea of having a budget for thrift stores and craft/sewing store. I have not tried to make any of my own clothing yet, but I have been inspired by your tutorials.

    1. Oh Cheryl you just have to do it. Try re-purposing, since if it gets messed up you won't be too bummed, since you didn't buy a lot for fabric. It is a great way to start out and get some practice sewing:)

  3. I love thrifting! We have a store in my town that is part of the bigger church here. The money made goes to running the store (upkeep, paying employees), but the rest goes to helping families in the community. My last trip, I scored 2 Longaberger baskets, a small blue Pyrex mixing bowl, and a small jelly jar with a plastic lid. My total spent was $2.96! I love going there to get books for my son, household items, and they have a good selection of furniture that I keep watching for a piece to upcycle. I have found some really great deals there.

    LOVE your posts! :)

    1. That sounds like my kind of store Jenn. You have found some amazing stuff! You go girl!

  4. I love thrifting but am still getting the hang of it over in Australia. Looks like you got some amazing deals! I used to read the babysitter's club and loved it. I will have to keep your idea in mind for when I homeschool my kid(s). I wish I was good at sewing so I could make my clothes, but maybe if I dedicated myself to only buying secondhand clothes like you, we would save some money. Especially now that we have a kid. I did buy all his clothes secondhand and only paid about $60. This will last me through the first year (although a lot of what we have were gifts, too). Anyway, you've inspired me!

  5. For mothers day my family took myself and the mother in law out for breakfast. Then it was just the MIL and myself the rest of the day. what did we do you ask? we went to the thrift stores!! it's our addiction! very much so! Having 5 children and only one income we do not ever shop at "normal" stores. The people in our town thrift store's know me by name. I scored a huge cast iron skillet for 3.99! that's unheard of! but my favorite of that day was an antique green pig cookie jar. it was only 2.99. It's one of those so ugly it's amazing pieces! I had to have it. brought it home and looked it up and it's currently going and has sold from anywhere from $50-$75. The "goodwill's" have half off sales on major holidays! it's perfect for clothing and such! they have name brands like gap and old navy for the kids for like .50-$2. love thrift stores!!!

  6. My favorite is Garage sales! I LOVE great deals, I now have a hard time shopping at our local thrift store because I find the prices too expensive. Last week I bought 4 pairs of pants for my son for 75 cents each! It is hard to find pants for him that arent ripped out in the knees or that will fit his very skinny hips but I scored 4 pairs!!! It is super easy to find girls clothes for my daughter for cheep because most people buy way too many clothes for girls and they hardely wear them out. I don't may more than $1 for much except for the occasional supper frilly dress for the little princess. I have even found those prices for myself, once in a while having to go up to $2, but not more than that!

  7. Thrift store budget, brilliant. Adding into our spreed sheet for sure! We've been trifting for a while, the more I learn makes my former "deals", seem like sparklers to some of the firecrackers I've got! My best deal was probly my two piece jacket dress suit for $1! I had to fit the jacket, and cut the dress in half to make it a skirt. Professional, nice, custome fitted suit for $1? Yes, perfect for interviews and meetings. As a new college grad, 2 little monsters, and my husband entering college for a prespective 4years. I'm looking for every real lasting deal I can!

  8. I love love love our local charity thrift store. I go weekly. <3 I get tons of homeschooling resources/supplies and fun books and board games and puzzles and lots of fun stuff. I used to have great luck with clothing but not so much lately. And I totally add up What It Would Have Been when I get home. haha. Last week was around $85 of alphabet & number games, learning books etc. for $4.75. Sah-weet.

    Love your blog, very inspring!!!

  9. Well I got a really awesome deal today on some fabric.....a loooot of fabric. It was well over 20 yards of fabric, 19 different fabrics for only $20. The only thing, it was not from a thrift store, but I did get it off of facebook from one of the thrifty pages. Go me I scored!!!!


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