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Saturday, June 8, 2013

Jareb Designs, Giveaways, and Some Selfies

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Alright I know BIG selfies are obnoxious, but they have to be big if I want to show off my new headbands. I took advantage of Jareb Designs Memorial Day sale. Getting this in the mail was a perfect way to make a stinkin hot day that much better. I mean seriously guys did you see the temp on instagram? Anything over 102' is just stupid hot! Yes I know I live in Vegas, but come on! Anything over 100' means you get a sweaty back no matter what you are doing....I know it's an over share, but for those guys and gals in Vegas you know what I am taking about:) Anyways I got some cute headbands and I may have ordered some for you as well. I am working on getting some more goodies and then I will be hosting a "My Favorite Things" giveaway. I am super excited!! I am collecting all of my favorite summer goodies and then I will be giving it away to one of you lovelies! I am so excited! I just have a few more goodies on my list to get, but it is going to be stay tuned!

Have a fabulous day and I will keep my fingers crossed it isn't stupid hot where your are...or if it is I will pray you get to swim in a pool today....I know that is where I will be :)

XO Danielle


  1. Whew! We don't see over 100 much in MN - it happens, just not so early in the summer. The weather we're finding beautiful right now would probably feel a bit chilly to you. :)

    Great hair accessories! The look fantastic with your new hair - I love it. I don't think I have the texture in my super-straight hair to pull that off, but if I had the patience for product, I'd totally run out and get the same 'do.'

    Looking forward to checking out your favorite things. Stay cool!


  2. Cute, cute hair bands! I like your new haircut. I totally understand about the heat, living in Phoenix. All summer, I just try to keep reminding myself how nice it is here in February! Enjoy a sunny (hot) weekend! :-)

  3. I see the heat as a trade off. I live in the phoenix area, and have decided that as long as I have air conditioning, and I don't have to shovel snow in winter I'll be fine!

    Love the headbands!

  4. I love them! Your hair is really pretty

  5. We get pretty hot days in July and August and throw in humidity and it's awful.

    I love your haircut, btw!


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