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Friday, July 5, 2013

Bloggy Crush: Smile and Wave

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Todays Bloggy Crush is Rachel from Smile and Wave. This is my have-to-check-it-out-every-day kind of blog. Rachel shares her fabulous style, family outings, and oh yeah her thrifted home. What! I know awesome right! Who doesn't love a good thrifted home. I know I can't get enough! I Get so many amazing ideas from this chicka's blog. Crafts, recipes, fashion tips and tricks..... It's a meca of cuteness!

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 photo 6a01543277ddab970c01901cae69ef970b-640wi_zps8e1d69dd.jpg

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 photo 6a01543277ddab970c017c38ae2a2d970b-640wi_zps0065c1d7.jpg

 photo 6a01543277ddab970c019101fed206970c-640wi_zps10179bd4.jpg

 photo 6a01543277ddab970c017d42441868970c-640wi_zps42f5e096.jpg

 photo 6a01543277ddab970c017eeae174d4970d-640wi_zpsd21dacaa.jpg

 photo 6a01543277ddab970c0192ab112fbe970d-640wi_zpsb5699c0f.jpg

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Check out this lady and send a little bloggy love her way!

Have a fabulous day lovelies!!

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XO Danielle
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