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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Book Sale

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Today we hit up our local library's book sale. Miss Priss used her own money and bought herself another Baby-Sitter Club book. She is obssed with them lately:) I also bought my nephew a book for his birthday. He is an outdoors kinda of boy. I found  Fun With Nature: Take Along Guide and knew it had his name written all over it. I can already see him now, taking his little sister and brother on adventures, as they hunt for bugs and rocks. It was also only a dollar, which made me love it even more! Our library does these sales ever month or so and I always find something. (check and see if your library has sales like this. They rock!) As long as I keep my eyes open and do a bit of hunting, I always come back with a few treasures. What treasures have you guys found lately?

XO Danielle

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