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Monday, July 8, 2013

Family Night: 4th of July Celebrations

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Hubby was home for the weekend and lets just sum it with one word...AMAZING! It was so nice having him home. We celebrated 4th of July, slept in (the littles did too. Woot! Woot!), ate ice cream (we seem to always find time to do this together), went to the movies (We saw Despicable Me 2), and just had a blast as a family.

On Fourth of July we had a big family BBQ slash birthday party for my nephew. We at a potluck BBQ dinner, played Toy Story themed games (like pin the mustache on Mr. Potato Head and shoot the toy army soldiers). There also may have been a silly string/water balloon fight...where most of the adults got a little too involved. We are all big kids in my family! It was so stinkin fun! Fireworks, cake, glow sticks, and lots of sister giggles were had. It was such a fun holiday spent with family and friends. How was your holiday weekend?

XO Danielle

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