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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Family Night: Frosty's, Fries, and Childhood Memories

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Good morning lovelies! Last week we ate out on a budget . We were spending the day running errands and had a few doctors appointments as well. Because of it being an all day sort of thing, I planned a little family fun into the mix. Recently I was sharing with my kids how when I was little we always ate Wendy's Frosty's with French fries. The salty and sweet mix is absolutely delicious. Please tell me I am not the only one that does this? My kids thought I was bonkers. I mean I get it. Salty fries dipped into a chocolate soft serve ice cream. It sounds like a prego ladies craving right? Well when I was little this is what we ate. I can vividly remember my mom sometimes just getting fries and a frosty, skipping a meal all together. She passed this quirky combo onto my taste buds as well.

For a bit of family night fun we decided to try it out. We ordered some french fries (can you believe that grease in the picture! I didn't even notice it when we were eating. Dang salty fries...thank goodness we don't eat you very often!)The kids were skeptical at first, but after a few tries they warmed up to my quirky taste buds.  We dipped, ate, and enjoyed (some a little more than others). It was fun to try something new with them and to share a little bit about when I was a kid. So this week pick a tradition/memory, from when you were little, and try it out. Your kids will love the stories shared and family time is the best time! Enjoy time with your family this week!

*Remember family night is not about the amount of money you spend, but how you spend your time together. Unplug and enjoy time with your family this week.

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XO Danielle

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