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Friday, July 19, 2013

Frugal Accomplishments

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Good Afternoon Lovelies! Its time for this weeks frugal accomplishments! We were pretty busy this week with school, errands, and appointments. Even though we were busy, we were still able to save. Even on those nights when dinner sprung up on me, we either had leftovers or breakfast. Thank goodness for pancakes! Ready to see what else we did this week to save money?

 photo freezercookiedough1_zps4dcb6635.jpg

I made freezer cookie dough (recipe coming soon).

This week I paid some bills online and saved myself money on the stamps!

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I bought all of our school supplies and curriculum for this upcoming school year (5 bags worth). I only spent $80! I took advantage of an online yard sale page via Facebook.

 photo frugalaccomplishemnts2_zps97fc75d7.jpg

I checked out some new cookbooks from the library.
 (where I got the freezer cookie dough recipe from)

We sold some old furniture we weren't using on a yard sale page via Facebook.

 photo basicdinnerrolls_zpse74e3edf.jpg

I made dinner rolls (possibly 3 batches) and bread this week.

 photo ricekripytreatsCollage_zpsb51da69a.jpg

I made Rice Krispy Treats using coconut oil I had in my pantry.

We ate leftovers this week.

 photo snapshotsjuly10_zps1f66fea2.jpg

I reused some tissue paper pom poms to make a wall collage in my daughters room.

We also went to the library twice this week, so the kids could play the computers and I could blog. Free air conditioning is the best!

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Thats all for me this week.
What frugal accomplishments have you had this week?

See more frugal accomplishments HERE.

XO Danielle


  1. I'm running out of all the essentials, but grocery shopping isn't for a week. I have been using what I have on hand. I do like these kind of weeks because it forces me to think outside of the box.

  2. Wow that sounds great!! I am getting ready to have to start using the library on occasion to blog since hubby & I will be moving to the country and intrnet won't be an option for us for a LONG time! I'm (sort-of) looking forward to the challenge!

    I love all the things you did this week and those rolls look FANTASTIC!!

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    Exercise Encouragement GROUP Blog

  3. You had such a successful week! I always look forward to reading about how you save money for your family.


  4. Isn't paying bills on line so easy? No getting the wrong check in the wrong envelope either.

  5. Looks like you did great! Here is my post with my weekly frugal accomplishments :)

  6. Our air conditioner went out and we're waiting on the part to come in so it has been too hot to eat! Saving lots of money lol!

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  8. Love your ideas!!' When you make three batches of rolls, do you freeze some?

  9. Great job on the school supplies! Are you using Connections this year or are you doing something different?


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