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Monday, July 22, 2013

Mommy Notes: My Bedazzled Super Mom Cape

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No I don't really have a bedazzled cape, although wouldn't that totally rock?! Maybe I should make myself one....hmm project light bulb going off. It could be hot pink, with maybe a bit of animal print (I just can't get enough). It could also sparkle. Miss Priss and I are Pro Glitter. What Mom doesn't love to sparkle and shine like her six year old? I know I sure do!

Although I probably couldn't actually pull of a bedazzled super hero cape...I might get funny looks at the grocery store....Us Moms all have super hero capes...they're just invisible. We have these capes because Moms rock! We can change the world. For real! We can literally change the world? We are raising the next generation. One of us may be raising the next President of the United States. One of our sweet daughters or sons may be the one to come up with the cure to cancer or AIDS. How cool is that? We hold so much power. We need to harness that power and use it for good. We need to teach our children to have morals and to value hard work. Let's teach them to love each other and to go about each day with a love filled heart. Lets teach them to not go with what the world says is ok, but to follow God...because everything through him is possible.

If we teach our children to appreciate others and to show kindness in all they do, imagine what an impact that would make in our world. Mind blowing right?  No matter where you live on this Earth, we could all use a little bit more love right? We can teach our children not to cringe when they see the homeless man down the street, but to pray for him instead. To pray that God will help him to receive the help that he needs.

We can teach our children not to be bully's and that if they see bullying happen, that they will stand up and do something good.

Our children have a voice. It may be a little voice, but one day it can become a big voice. What do we want them to say with that voice?

I have been thinking about this a lot lately. I love Kid President and all he is doing to encourage change in the world. I know I want my family to be apart of that change.

This week lets teach our children to serve others and to smile at those they see in the stores. We never know who is having a bad day and that smile just may turn it around for them.

Within our homes lets use kinder words. I know I get frustrated often with daily chores and such. I pray I will be able to have the patience to get through them with a smile.....or at least not a total stink face.

I pray that your super Mom capes, although invisible to most, will shine this week. We are moms and we are amazing!

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XO Danielle



  1. Such great encouragement and inspiration! Kids to become what they are, I want to make sure that's something great. :)

  2. LOOOVVVEE This post!!! They are the next generation and they are soo important!!!

  3. I needed this post. Thank you so much for inspiring me. I am dealing with the teen/young adult years with my kids and all I can say is enjoy your kids while they are little because the bigger they get the bigger their problems and the harder they are to solve - even when the foundation of the gospel has been set in their young lives - the influence of the world can be incredibly strong! We must keep going and not lose faith. Thanks and have a great day.


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