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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Mommy Notes: Saying I Love You

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Last Night I yelled at you. I got frustrated and yelled and may have freaked out a bit, since you blew up the bathroom once again and left it for me to find. I may have yelled because you lied about. I got frustrated because germs and yuck got on my favorite dress, as I plunge the enormous wad of toilet paper from the toilet. I was upset because it was bed time, but I knew this was a time to teach a lesson. I made you get out of bed and clean the bathroom with me. I did not do it with a smile. I was still angry at the disaster of a bathroom before me. Your sweet freckled face told me you were sorry. You scrubbed and I told you to scrub some more. The yuck was not gone yet. We cleaned the toilet, top to bottom and then moved onto the sink. I gave you a refresher course on cleaning your hands. I have no clue what you have been doing...but it seems it was a full on counter/shower affair when cleaning your hands took place. I disciplined and put you to bed. I was still upset....tired...going over my insurmountable to do list for the night......when a thought occurred. A still small voice whispered to me how lucky I was to get to be your Mom. I tip toed back into your room and whispered, “Hey...Hey are you sleep”. Your sleepy eyes looked up at me. I told you how much I loved you and that I thanked God for you every night. I wanted to make sure you knew what a blessing you were to me. Even on days when you grump around or you leave big messes for me to find, I love you. I thank God for you. I know that out of all the gifts I have been given, you are one of the greatest. Your Dad, brother, and you are the best things in this world to me. You are a gift I prayed for. I made sure you knew that tonight. We snuggled and I gave you nighttime kisses. I then walked to your door and blew you a kiss. You put it in your heart, since that is what we do. You reminded me tonight about how thankful I am to be a Mom. When you were placed in my arms, I was able to become better than I ever imagined because I had you. After I left your room, I went into your brother's and told him exactly the same thing I told you. I don't want you to ever go a day without knowing your value, your worth. I don't want you to go a minute without knowing how much I cherish and love you.

Being a Mom is not a pretty thing. It is full of pooh soaked dresses, tears of frustration, and monumental loads of doubt, but it is also full of pure joy at seeing little smiling faces. Absolute wonder at seeing munchkins explore and learn about the world around them. It is full of humbling moments, where you know that they are making you better. Together you are learning and growing.

Today I pray that we will all let our little ones know how very important they are. Don't just assume they know...tell them. Tell them about the day they were born and how you felt. Tell them about the first time they said “Mama”, and how you never knew one person could tug at your heart so fiercely. Tell them that you pray for them and thank God for them. Hug them tight and kiss their cheeks. Let them have no doubt about their importance to you.

Miss Priss and Bubba you make this world better. You forever and always are my children. I am thankful we are a forever family. I love you to the moon and back....forever and for always.

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XO Danielle

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