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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Mommy Notes: Showing Compassion to Others

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I probably should be doing a hundred other things right now. Like taking a shower for instant. I may be having one of those days where I rolled out of bed and threw on whatever was on the hope chest. It may be one of those mornings where makeup was skipped because school time and other responsibilities were calling. As I write this, it is 3:30 pm (remember I write all my posts in advance) and my heart is heavy with things I want to share. I just finished hanging clothes on the line and as I did that simple task, my mind wondered. It wondered to the last few weeks and the changes that have occurred. For me it has meant a new calling at church. See I am a Latter-Day Saint or "Mormon" as most know us by. We are believers in Christ. We have callings in our wards to serve one another, to be examples of Christ, and to do what He would do. We allow Him to work through us, in order to bless the lives of those around us.

For me, I had been called to work with the young women in the ward. Young girls between 12-18. I loved it! They are at such an important stage in their lives. They are deciding now how they will live. Will they be converted to Christ or will they choose not to follow his teachings and stray? For me, it was this time in my life, I decided to follow Him. It was an uphill struggle, but eventually I found Him and all his glory. I had amazing young women leaders, who planted the seed in my heart. It was when I turned 18 that I truly knew how I wanted to live my life. I truly knew that this Gospel was true and nothing would hold me back from living God's commandments. I have never looked back after I received the answer to a prayer, which I had prayed so fervently. I wanted to know what God wanted me to do with this life and he told me. What a glorious day that was! Having my Savior in my life has made it better. I met my husband soon after that day and everything has been a fairy tale since. Sometimes there is rain in this fairy tale, but it is my story and I love it.

Now going to back to a few weeks ago. I was told I was going to be released from my calling in Young Women. I cried. I couldn't imagine not serving with the Young Women. They are amazing young girls in our ward and I have loved every moment I was able to spend with them. They have amazing testimonies and I learned so much from them. Hopefully they learned a bit from me as well. I was asked to be the Compassionate Service Leader. My new calling would be helping the sisters of the ward. The “older ladies”. Ladies my age, but after working with the youth everyone seemed older:)

Honestly I had a hard time. I knew why I was called, but I didn't like it. When people asked for help, all I heard were complaints and whining. I basically saw everyone as big 4 year olds. I was definitely in a stink about it. Then something happen. I was in a Sunday school lesson, when the teacher shared an experience her husband had. Someone had asked him for help, someone who usually would have gotten on his nerves. This time however, all he felt was pure love for that person. He said he knew it was the love of Christ working though Him. I wanted that. No I needed that. I was struggling in my calling. It is a time consuming one and I didn't know how, on top of everything else, I could make it work. It was at this time I wrote this post. Yeah.... I was feeling a bit down trodden. I got on my knees and prayed I could feel that to. That I could allow Christ to work through me to help others. I needed help being compassionate. I felt like I didn't know how to be compassionate anymore. I wanted to be able to serve the way He wanted me to.

Well lovelies my prayers were answered. Earlier this week I received a call that a sister needed help. She had no one and needed someone to come to her aid. I didn't know this woman. She was just a name and number on a slip of paper, but I kid you not, I felt an abounding love for her. I knew her Savior loved her. I knew she had been praying for help. I knew that God was going to work through me to answer her prayer.

What an amazing experience that was. I am thankful for this Gospel. For a Heavenly Father who loves me. A Savior who knelt in the Garden of Gethsemane, saw my face, and suffered for my sins. I pray today that we can allow God to work through us. I pray we will be able to see the light in others, even when it is difficult. Pray for it. Live it. I know He can make us whole again. Thank you for always being amazing readers. I am thankful that when I feel prompted to spill my heart out, I know only kind words await me. You are all amazing!

Have a wonderful day Lovelies!!

XO Danielle

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