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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Snap Shots...

 photo snapshotsjuly10_zps1f66fea2.jpg

 photo snapshotsjuly9_zps18cc8f2b.jpg

 photo snapshotsjuly8_zps8529e931.jpg

 photo snapshotsjuly7_zps8199c03d.jpg

 photo snapshotsjuly6_zps1e691635.jpg

 photo snapshotsjuly5_zps1b186209.jpg

 photo snapshotsjuly4_zps07fe7f17.jpg

 photo snapshotsjuly3_zps1a137aa1.jpg

 photo snapshotsjuly2_zps636f2c91.jpg

 photo snapshotsjuly1_zps6edd89ae.jpg
pom pom wall collage (thank you Pinterest)
the evening dishes
scripture time
piano lessons
little crafts
what we're reading now
repurposed glass jars
new cookbooks from the library
 my kitchen
  my evening snack

Just a few snap shots from yesterday. Mostly cleaning, organizing, a little bit of baking, and some quite time at night. Once the littles were alseep, I watched Duck Dynasty and ate way too many cherries. I basically laughed all night. Thanks A for telling me about it:) What you guys and gals been watching?

XO Danielle

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  1. I love cleaning and organizing my house. I always feel that when my surroundings are uncluttered, life seems to go a little smoother.
    I've been watching Catfish and Criminal Minds.

    1. I've seen catfish before. Kinda crazy when the people see who they've really been chatting with huh?

  2. I love this! What a fun house you have! I love the scripture basket. Great way to keep track of everyone's scriptures so you don't have to go hunting for them at scripture time! Have a great day!

    1. It does Deb! My favorite are the scripture readers for the kids. They can use those for their own scripture time. We also use them for family scripture time so they can read and understand the stories;)

  3. We are reading Farmer Boy right now. I know silly but as adults we have to remember to be child like too!! We have scripture self although in a RV makes more sense to have a scripture basket - oh my the wheels are turning again because of you ---- LOVE it!! Jorge/Evielynne


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