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Monday, July 1, 2013

Stars and Stripes Skirt + $200 Gift Card Giveaway

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Who's ready for the Fourth of July? I'm getting there. I got Miss Priss's outfit finished last night. Can you believe that? I got it finished a whole 4 days before that firework filled holiday! I am never that on top of things! It might be the fact that I teamed up with some fabulous bloggers, so I had to get my stuff together before hand. It also could be I needed it done, so I could bring you a fabulous giveaway today (anything for you peeps!). Either way I am ahead and loving it! I just have my skirt to work on (I am all for themed outfits- any excuse to make a new skirt). My sweet hubby is coming home for the fourth of July weekend and I need to be looking wicked hot! A new skirt can totally do wonders for the confidence factor. Who doesn't feel awesome in a new, cute outfit? I am beyond excited for my man to come home. We have some giggling (he laughs, I giggle. He wants to make sure I clarify that on the blog), snuggling, and family gab sessions to catch up on. We are counting down the days till that sweet man will be here. Three if anyone wants to count with me:)

So to recap I have a new tutorial for you and a giveaway. Can I get a woot woot! Nothing like a new sewing tutorial and giveaway to get the week started off right!

Before I get into the tutorial, I have to give you a quick warning. This post is chock full of redheaded cuteness and matching Lil' Miss and Doll outfits. Oh and they're themed. Say What! Cuteness overload right? You've been warned. I also took all these pictures with my new phone. Boosh! It rocks like no other!
I have teamed up with some amazing bloggers, as well as, to give one lucky reader a $200 e-gift card to either Jo-Ann's or Home Depot. Can we say SWEET! All the details are below, but first lets get our sew on!
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I had three yards of delicious Fourth of July themed fabric....all Riley Blake I might add. Love them!

 photo starsandstripesskirt1_zps670cfd30.jpg

I went with the stripes on the left. They go at a diagonal and are just plain fun. The other yards of goodness are being saved for other projects later in the week.

To start off I used half a yard for Miss Priss's skirt. I folded my fabric in half hot dog style. Pin the right sides of the fabric together and sew. This creates a seam and now you have created your skirt. You just need to finish the hem and the waist. You are already half way done!

 This tutorial is very similar to the Sunday Skirt.
 photo starsandstripesskirt2_zps417dfb81.jpg

 photo starsandstripesskirt3_zps3876d7c6.jpg

You can either roll and hem the bottom of your skirt or you can use bias tape. I used bias tape. When I made my Chevron Twirl Skirt I used it and now I am in love with it!

 photo starsandstripesskirt4_zpsdfd50c36.jpg

Pin your bias tape. Where the bias tape meets together, tuck it under and pin, so no raw edges are exposed.

 photo starsandstripesskirt5_zpsd06a5358.jpg

Sew you bias tape onto your skirt. Make sure your thread matches.

 photo starsandstripesskirt6_zps1862dbb5.jpg

 photo starsandstripesskirt7_zpsc9b12dc0.jpg

I won't judge if you take a break right about now and grab a snack or two.
 I did. I am all about stealing snacks from little children when they aren't looking, while listening to my country jams on Pandora.

 photo starsandstripesskirt8_zps6cd03391.jpg

When you're finished with your hem, you need to sew a casing for your elastic waist. Use the 20 Minute Maxi Skirt tutorial to help you with that.

 photo starsandstripesskirt9_zpsfcf324f7.jpg

 photo starsandstripesskirt10_zps26fa0168.jpg

Once I had finished the skirt for Miss Priss, she asked if her doll Jenny
 could have a dress to match. I kind of have this thing..... I can't turn down freckled, blue eyed children. They melt my heart, so I was happy to oblige. I measured out a piece of fabric that was 13 inches long (folded), so it was actually 26 inches long (my math skills are impeccable). I made sure it was the right length for her doll. She has an 18' inch Our Generation Jenny doll.

 photo starsandstripesskirt11_zpsbb566659.jpg

 photo starsandstripesskirt12_zps1d753d1c.jpg

I followed the same steps I used to create the skirt. Literally, but instead of making a casing for a waistband your using it for the top of the dress.
 photo starsandstripesskirt13_zpsc34c5a5a.jpg

 photo starsandstripes2Collage_zps0947f746.jpg

 photo starsandstripesskirt16_zpsadc7e90f.jpg

 photo starsandstripes3Collage_zps379114e0.jpg

 photo starsandstripesskirt19_zps8a564100.jpg

 photo starsandstripesskirt20_zpsd10e10cf.jpg

Easy Peasy!. I found the shirt for Miss Priss on one of my thrifting adventures.

 photo starsandstripesskirt21_zpsdbfdb2d5.jpg

 photo starsandstripesskirt23_zpsa9a3a8b3.jpg

She loved it! I also may or may not have bribed her with chocolate chips. In recieving choclate chips, she let me paint her toe nails for this mini photo-shoot. You can't really see them, but I know they are blue and red. Boy did I have fun painting them! Its the little things folks!

 photo starsandstripesskirt29_zpsd921b4b6.jpg

 photo starsandstripesskirt31_zps0daac42b.jpg

 photo starsandstripesskirt30_zps0a3705af.jpg

 photo starsandstripesskirt28_zps1d8aa309.jpg

 photo starsandstripesskirt26_zpsbc92b69f.jpg 

Now that we are all getting toothaches from that cute red head and her sidekick, are you ready for a giveaway? This is seriously like the BEST giveaway ever! I am so excited for all you lovelies to enter!

I have teamed up with  and seven other bloggers to host this giveaway and blog hop! First off, want to know who all the other fabulous, fancy pant bloggers are who have designed their own DIY 4th of July projects?

drum roll...


 They are:
1. Natalie at Natalie's Sentiments

2. Katie at Made to be a Momma

4. Stephanie at Crafting in the Rain

5. Claudia and Christie at Pops and Podge

6. Emily at House and Hone

7. Lisa at Grey Luster Girl

They are each showcasing a fun new tutorial today. Head over and check them all out:) Show them some lovin'!

Now you have the chance to win a $200 e-gift card to either Jo-Ann's or Home Depot! Your choice!

Whoa, that's awesome sauce. Seriously. $200? You get to choose between two awesome stores? You've got to enter this giveaway chickas!! Snap to it!

Here are the details...
The giveaway runs from July 1st through midnight on July 7th. To enter the giveaway, simply tell us what DIY 4th of July project you would like to create, and "like" each of the blog hop hosts on Facebook. That's it! The winner will be picked via Rafflecopter on the 8th and will be contacted via email. If you do not respond to the email within 48 hours, we will pick another winner. 

a Rafflecopter giveaway


Good Luck Lovelies!
XO Danielle

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