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Friday, August 9, 2013

Family Night: Battle Ship

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For family night this week, we busted out the ole' Battle Ship game. I think Hubby and I got this when we were first married. We'd play it, I'd loose, and he would gloat. He is such a humble winner :) Well for family night this week, I taught the kids how to play it. Thankfully it wasn't too gray hair inducing. There was a lot of trash talk (It runs in the family. See comment about Hubby above), a lot of ships being sunk, and oh we had some chocolate cake. It just isn't a family night without a yummy treat. Simple and easy, exactly how family nights should be. What are you all doing for family night this week?

*Remember family night is not about the amount of money you spend, but how you spend your time together. Unplug and enjoy time with your family this week.

We also made some crazy videos during the game. Here is a video. Libby is saying "Here comes the Boom!". She is a graceful winner just like dear old Dad.

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XO Danielle


  1. Awww!!!! My husband and I have played battleship on our phones. But I love the actual board game version. My husband can't wait for the days when our boys...and girl want to play games like this with him :)

  2. I love this idea....usually our family nights consist of just watching Doctor Who together but some not screen attached time would be fun too!

  3. I love Battleship! Sometimes, I make my boyfriend play old board games with me! It is the perfect way to spend a night!

  4. Pulling out board games and coloring books on rainy days and family nights is the best!

  5. I love that you make your Family Home Evenings fun for everyone! Great ideas. Thanks.

  6. We do Family Home Evening as well, even though there are no children. We play Canasta and I am always at the losing end almost 95% of the time. My wife is a card shark, and I so kid you not. We value the meaning of family home evening. We use to color just to be silly but since we sew crayon rolls all day we thought it was too much work related. "Here Comes the Boom" love that lol... Jorge

  7. My husband and I had a lovely "date night at home" due to our tight budget. He made turkey burgers on the grill (one of my favorite meals), and I prepared the accompanying salads and home fries. Then, we ate while playing Boggle and Scrabble. Over dessert (root beer floats: our favorite), he kicked my butt at a game of Memory with special cards featuring the artwork of M. C. Escher, an artist I have always really liked. (We've had Scrabble and Boggle forever, but scored the Memory game at Half Price books for $3.99.) We wrapped up our game night with a new game called In Other Words, (Also purchased at HPB $5.99.) which was difficult and frustrating, and we will probably not hang onto it, but all in all, a lovely evening in!


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