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Thursday, August 1, 2013

Mommy Notes: Know You Matter

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I wasn't planning on having a post today. Last night I spent most of my time folding laundry, organizing our filing cabinet, and catching up on Glee episodes (I'm still on season 3. How did I get so behind?) There wasn't a whole lot of blogging going on. But after watching an episode of Glee, my heart felt heavy and I knew I needed to share. Last night I watched the episode On My Way. It is the one where Karaofsky attempts suicide. He had been bullied at school and it became too much. This broke my heart into pieces. How do we get to the point where we feel we can't go on? How do we decide that leaving everything behind is a better option than living for the next rainbow? I know we all know someone who has been bullied or is being bullied. I know we all know someone or have known someone who has felt less than perfect. Maybe it was a friend, maybe it is ourselves, or maybe it is our child. What do we do when that happens? I hope that we remind them that no matter what they matter. That no matter what it is they are going through, it will get better.

This world can be a very ugly place and it is up to us to try and bring as much beauty into it as possible. As I watched the episode, Karofsky begins to cry. I was glued to the screen, knowing what was going to happen...but hoping I was wrong. I know it is just a TV show and he is just a man playing a character, but someone.....somewhere has been at that point. I wanted to scream at the TV that he mattered. That he was important. It got me thinking.....Do I tell my friends and family how important they are? Sometimes it can be hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Sometimes that tunnel is really long and we don't know how long it will take to get to the other side. Whether it is our children struggling or it is us, I pray we can see the light. I pray that we can know that we all matter. That we are all important to God. Whether you believe in him or not, He loves you and you have great value.

I pray that we will reach out to our friends today and let them know how much they mean to us. Someone, somewhere is having a rough day. With my hubby training, our days can be long and stressful. I am thankful for brotherinlaws who text to check up on their sister. I am thankful for dear friends who visit and let me crash their party (Becky you rock!).

No matter what, it is up to us to allow God to work through us to serve others. I pray today your burdens may be light. I pray we will listen and reach out to others when we feel prompted.

I am always thankful to you lovelies, who come here each day. I know I tell you this like every week, but I never want you to doubt it. To the moon and back you rock!

"Be the change you wish to see in the world"

XO Danielle

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