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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Photography: Reveal in This....

 photo MandK21_zpsa9a16d5e.jpg

 photo MandK22_zps5438ae22.jpg

Good morning lovelies! Did you all see on the gram my new goodie that came in the mail this week? A Beautiful Mess Photo Idea Book came this past Tuesday and I have fallen in love! For real guys! I am ridiculously smitten! Elsie and Emma are the co-authors...Oh and they are the creative minds behind one of my favorite blogs, A Beautiful Mess. It is my go-to-every-day-because-it-is-freakin-amazeballs-blog. The past few days I have poured over the pages. It is full of ideas and tips for creating the most amazing photos. I love that it is not full of techno jumbo. That mumbo jumbo just goes over my head. Elsie and Emma give tips, tricks, examples, etc on how to capture beautiful memories, without needing a big fancy camera. For me this is essential. I don't have a fancy, shmancy camera. I wish Santa would bring me one, but I don't think it is in his budget. I use my phone camera (I have a Galaxy S3), since my Nikon camera kicked the bucket last month. My phone actually takes better pictures than my Nikon did (plus for me), so I love it for all those fun Kodak moments. I always have it with me, so it is very convenient. I have slowly been learning how to take photos with it.

I have only read through the first few chapters of the book, but have already learned so much. I tried out some of the goodies I learned on my daughter and niece (mostly my niece. Miss Priss was not in a "super model mood"...her words not mine....haha!). They were the perfect models and I was so excited to see how much better my pictures were with just a bit of guidance from Emma and Elsie. I kinda felt like a rock star!

I got my little girly munchkins together, a vintage sheet, a few props, and we had our very own photo-shoot. The girls had a blast and I was able to learn a little bit more about photography....

like for example....

 photo MandK1_zpsfa9e9839.jpg

 photo MandK2_zpse7fe1a40.jpg

 photo MandK3_zps37926101.jpg

 photo MandK9_zpse54a8ad3.jpg

Using a vintage sheet is a great way to create a beautiful background for your pictures. This sheet is one I bought at a thrift store for $2. Also how freakin gorgeous are Miss Priss's freckles? I adore them!

 photo MandK7_zpsb9bf433e.jpg

 photo MandK5_zpse44656a2.jpg

Keep snapping away. You never know what moments you might miss if you are only capturing posed photos. I was able to catch Miss Priss's sassy expression above. It totally captures her personality. I love it! We also used props. I loved that idea in the book. I picked out a few props I knew the girls would love to play with. They stuck with the tiara and wand. They were even sweet and took turns posing with them.

 photo MandK8_zps957b5786.jpg

 photo MandK15_zpsda94d12d.jpg

 photo MandK14_zps0a0e9bf5.jpg

 photo MandK18_zps518dc41b.jpg

 photo MandK20_zps60aeb667.jpg

Capture the little things. Life is made up of little moments. Little toes and holding hands is the season these girls are in. I don't want to forget these moments because one day I will blink and they will be teenagers. Ahh! I can't even think of that! Dating, make-up, oh my!

 photo MandK13_zps55fb393c.jpg

 photo MandK12_zps7b501d3d.jpg

 photo MandK16_zpsd4243ed4.jpg

Find an interesting background. It truly makes a picture.

 photo MandK17_zps39bdb84f.jpg

 photo MandK19_zps6f12cb16.jpg

Take pictures in the shade. I always thought you had to have the sun on you in pictures, but that can come off as harsh in pictures. You want light, but a soft light. We went into the shade and were able to capture these gems above. 

I also loved the idea of using negative space in your pictures. Below I took the pictures with a lot of negative space on the left.

 photo MandK25_zpsb7618b2b.jpg

 photo MandK24_zps6a65bfd0.jpg

 photo MandK26_zps98f5e4bf.jpg

The most important thing I have learned so far is to experiment and have fun. Oh and use photoshop (I use Picmonkey). There are so many amazing filters and goodies you can layer onto your pictures to make some amazing photos.

I have fallen in love with photography again. I am so thankful I can capture beautiful memories with the camera I have now. No more longing for a DSLR, although I wouldn't mind if Santa brought me one....I've been good...just saying :) I've only gotten to like chapter 3 in the book, but I can't wait to continue to read, learn, and explore.

I hope today you are able to get outside and capture a few memories of your own. What stories do your pictures paint? I want my children to be able to look back and see the love, joy, and heart in ever moment. I am thankful for this life and for the opportunity to capture that. I pray we will all look for the beauty in today. Beauty in the everyday. Have a fabulous Thursday lovelies!

XO Danielle


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  2. Beautiful pictures! They look fantastic and those girls are adorable!


  3. Your photos are amazing! I think I need to look into this book...

    Thanks for sharing :)

  4. The photos are great! Giving me reason to regret not getting the S3. I love hearing about the blogs that inspire you, that are your "go to every morning" blogs when you are that exact thing for me! I love waking up, making coffee and seeing what you have been up to. Keep it up!

  5. Love it! Cloudy days are actually perfect lighting for photos. My dad is an amateur photographer and this was one of the tricks he taught me. :-)

  6. All these photos are great!! I love tips on photography, it really helps me to capture such great moments that aren't so staged.

  7. Yea Danielle! I love photography and I'm also trying to improve. Most times, it seems progress is so slow, it's difficult for me to be patient.

    Thanks for sharing,

  8. Love your photos Danielle! I get some many great ideas, about so many things, by following your blog! Thank you! Have a great day!

  9. Love your pictures! I have always loved having pictures on the kids but just recently started to love taking the pictures and videos too! There soo fun to look back at! (A DSLR is on my wish list too) One day...One day :)


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