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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Photography: Ride Along

 photo bikeriding11_zps195291cc.jpg

 photo bikeriding5_zpse73a2dfd.jpg

 photo bikeriding3_zps9a00144d.jpg

 photo bikeriding1_zps77507dbb.jpg

 photo bikeriding2_zpsd0eb7d50.jpg

Hello lovelies! I am still drooling over every page in the A Beautiful Mess Photo Idea Book. Its amazing! What else can I say? This week I took Emma and Elsie's tips of using negative space, capturing every silly/serious face our kids make, and catching the little things (like the bike wheel) to heart. Sometimes we might think something will be insignificant, but those flip flopped toes, will someday be grown up. I am thankful for the reminder of summer evenings spent bike riding..... For freckled faces, who never want to just smile at a camera (its always more fun to make goofy faces).....and for the opportunity to catch a first on the camera. Homeboy just learned to ride a bike. Yes he is 8 and before last week he had no desire to ride a bike. He had one, but didn't want to use it. Thank the heavens he can ride now! Can I get a woot! Woot!

So what photography things have you all been working on? It's been fun learning and sharing with you all. Thank you for always being so sweet and supportive. You rock!

*All pictures were taken with my Samsung S3 phone.

XO Danielle

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  1. Which photo editing app do you use?

    1. I use picmonkey. Its my favorite!

  2. Danielle-My daughter didn't learn to ride a bike until about 10 year old. (Late bloomer I guess). I didn't see any helmets on your precious Littles, or were these just "still shots" that you were practicing with your camera?

    Also, PLEASE make sure your kids have close-toed shoes on when they ride, and somehow try to tie a string around the bottom of their long pants, so they don't get caught in the spokes!!!!As an Emergency Room Nurse, I have seen many bike accidents with children that were caused by these issues!! (Just want to make sure ALL kids are safe while they are having fun!!!!)

    Hope you and your family are having a GREAY summer!! Suzanne

  3. picmonkey?? checking them out. My wife like for all of my barbie doll clothes. My wife goes nuts any time there is a red headed child near by. Which cracks me up, all of her family except her are pretty much red heads. Off to check out this program. And as always love your photos as we love your family!! Jorge (George)


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