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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Contributors: Introducing Ashpants...

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The pictures above of Ashley were taken by Mykii Liu. 
He's amazing! Find more of his work HERE.

Alright peeps! I am still on vaca with the hubs and red heads, but since hubbs has fallen asleep on the couch and the kids are quietly playing in their rooms, I decided to hop on the ole laptop and get my blog on. This month is going to be freakin awesome! We start back to school on Monday, which means life will get a bit cra cra for me. Hopefully you won't notice much lacking here on the blog though. I have added two new monthly contributors to the blog and of course  a lot of guest posting from you lovely readers as well. This is the start of the Fall season (well on the Internet at least. It won't get cold here for a few more months). I have some fun stuff lined up with Joann's, Wilson, Kohl's, and Carter's for this fall/winter season and I can't to share about it over the next few months. Don't get scared though with all the guests posts, I will be here daily as well....well as much as I can....but I want to always make sure Blissful and Domestic is a fun place to come each day and be I am so thankful for all the awesome people that will be making Blissful and Domestic an amazing place!

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Today I want to introduce you one of my new contributors. Ashley was one of my bloggy crush's a while back and she is now here on Blissful and Domestic! Can I get a woot woot! She blogs at Ashpants (Too cute right?). Ash is going to be taking over the thrifted fashion section for me. Although I loved writing up those posts, this mama needed some help and Ashley is the PERFECT person for the job! She has such a fun style...Oh and did I mention I know her in real life? I use to go to school with her older sister and let me just tell you.... she is just as sweet in person as she is on her blog:)

So get to know Ahsley, you will be seeing her monthly here on the blog. She blogs about fashion, life, and food over at Ashpants. She rocks!!

XO Danielle


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