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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Contributors: Introducing Bramblewood Fashion...

Good morning lovelies! How is it Wednesday already? I swear I blinked and then it was already the middle of the week! I'm sure a four day weekend played a huge part in my blinking..... Having my hubby home was divine to say the least. We signed up for Amazon Prime 30-Day Free Trial and started getting caught up on Falling Skies and The Walking Dead. There may have been some shrieks from me during Walking Dead, that hubby will forever make fun of me for. While watching I may have yelled "No! He can't die!" I really thought I was thinking it, but I was not...nto even a little bit. IT was full blown outburst from this lady. Hubby had a good laugh...and well I did too! I'm just glad I was at home, where my hubby is use to me being a goofus. It is how we roll. Anyone else randomly yell, shriek, call out to characters on screen like you know them in real life? I can't be the only one right? Just nod your heads in agreement with me. It would totally make me feel less of a super dork.

Well anyways...enough of my random dork outburst during shows...Labor Day weekend was a blast and now we are couting down to school umm September first...umm like Monday...oh man it is real so soon I need to finish up our curriculum....I know what I will be doing for the next few days...but before I dive into more third grade curriculum and stuff, I want to introduce our second contributor to B and D. Guess what? Her name is Ashley too! Too funny right? No I don't only have blog friends named Ashley, but it does seem to work out that way sometimes :)

 photo DSC_1876_zps8bff16e6.jpg

 photo DSC_6571_zps560d703e.jpg

Ashely is part of the sister duo of Bramblewood Fashion. She will be taking over the thrifted fashion part of B and D. Ashpants and her will be bringing us thrifted fashion tips and tricks each month. I am beyond stoked!! So hop on over and check out Ashley from Bramblewood Fashion. Ashley has some amazing Hair and Make-up Tutorials on her blog. She is my new bloggy bestie and Blissful and Domestic's newest contributor. She's too stinkin cute!

 photo DSC_6494_zps8ee88ec8.jpg

Have a fantastic day lovelies! Come back this afternoon for the Feature Friday Linky Party.

XO Danielle


  1. OMG the walking dead!! I for sure yelled "he or she can't die" more than a few times. so funny!

    1. For real! You're like on the edge of your seat the entire time...Oh and it is so hard to only watch one!

  2. Yay, bringing the jean jacket back!

  3. Your 'Walking Dead' comment made me laugh as that's just what I shouted when I watched in Sunday night! Here in the UK we are halfway through Series 3.

  4. Your Walking Dead comment made me laugh as I did the same thing Sunday night. Here in the UK we are halfway through Series 3 - I suspect you guys are ahead.

  5. I am a complete bore when it comes to clothes. I am afraid to shop to be honest. You put me into a pair of hiking green pants and a white shirt and I am happy as can be - but when it comes to fashion, I am LOST - I so kid you not. I can't express the value of your new fashion team.
    I don't watch tv, so I am clueless on tv shows.... but eeek sounds scary???


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