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Saturday, September 14, 2013

Fall Inspired Hair Clip

Hello friends at Blissful and Domestic! I am so excited to be a guest here and collaborate with Danielle. Thank you Danielle for hosting me! Today I get to share with you a craft inspired by the Fall season. But first, I'd like to briefly introduce myself and share a little bit about me :)


Hi there! I'm Ursula Rosien, I'm a wife, mom to 3 great kiddos and recent blogger at kraft&mint blog, a journal of modern crafts. I always wanted to start a blog and share my ideas and creativity. I finally started blogging this April-2013 and I'm on fire! I never thought how much I would enjoy being part of the crafting community and the best part is that I get to meet new crafters around the world.

Keeping it real


And this is a more accurate photo of the Rosien family! It is pretty impossible to take a good photo without 1 kid either crying (like in this case) or making a funny face! Enough of me, let's get started!

DIY Hair Clips


During one of my outings at Ben Franklin craft store, I wandered into the beads department. I went straight to the clearance section and found a few yellow pom pom beads on sale. The yellow color was a mustard yellow and this reminded me of the Fall season and how the leaves change to yellowish tones. I gathered a few with me and started thinking what craft could I make with these. A few minutes later I found a few hair clips-brooches for crafting. I immediately thought of my daughter and the fact that she could use some new hair clips. Please take a look below at this craft. It was very easy to do!



  • 1: Michael's "Lace Trim Set". (Please cut two 4" long strips for this craft). Two yellow pom-pom beads.
  • 2: Euro Tool "Super New Glue". I found this at the beads department of Ben Franklin. It is quite strong!
  • 3: 3/4" Brooch with alligator pin and clip.


    Happy little girl

    I enjoyed so much seeing my daughter's face when I showed her the hair clips I made. She immediately wanted to wear them. Now, please note that I used a 3/4" brooch clip and pin. In my opinion the pin could open up and potentially poke someone's head. To prevent this, I applied glue to the pin component that way it wouldn't become undone. Thank you for reading! I can't wait to make more hair clips and also hear from you!
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    I follow back ;)

    All the best, Ursula!

I love it! It reminds me of sunflowers. Perfect for fall! Thanks U for sharing your crafty talents on B and D. Be sure to check Ursula out and come back later peeps! I am sharing a new recipe for....homemade butter...I know right! Too fun!

XO Danielle

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