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Monday, September 9, 2013

No Carve Halloween Pumpkin Craft

Hello, my name is Katie and I blog over at ChooChoo Skadoo Quilts. Come by for a visit and you will find quilts, crafts, tutorials, recipes, fun giveaways and sew much more. I am so excited to be here with Blissful and Domestic.

A little about me. I am married to my best friend who enables my crafting and sewing. And a mom to 2 little rascals. Jack (6) and Easton (3). Our first little girl, Haiely, will be here in October. So exciting!!! I spend my spare time sewing and crafting. That is when I have spare time. lol.

Now onto our project. I first came up with this idea a couple years ago when I made my "BOO" pumpkin. I have wanted to make a second one and this was the perfect excuse.

For this project you will need:
One pumpkin, fake or real. Mine is fake and I got it at Michael's
An assortment of buttons
Wired Ribbon
Adhesive or glue. (I use 6000 glue. Its just like hot glue but with out the heat.)

A marking pencil/pen that will show up on your pumpkin

With your marking pencil decide where you want your letters to be and lightly write them onto your pumpkin. I have done "BOO" and on this one I did "EEK". You can write whatever you chose.

Then start gluing your buttons on over your writing.

Do one letter at a time. This will help you balance out your different colors. I also threw in some spooky spiders.

When you have done all your letters it should look like this.

Next tie your bow. I didn't do anything fancy. You can tie your bow how ever you think looks best. I Googled how to tie a bow and did the simplest one they had.

I put a button and a spider in the middle of mine.

I had to hold it on for a while. It kept falling off.

Postion it where you want and glue it on the back of the middle knot. I also used straight sewing pins to help keep it how I wanted it.

Congratualtions! You now have an adorable pumpkin for your Halloween Decor.

Thanks so much for letting me come by and visit with you fine folks today!!

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Thank you so much Katherine! Your decorated pumpkins are perfectly cute! You can do Halloween themed or Fall themed. I love that! Thanks again for sharing!

XO Danielle

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  1. This is so cute! Definitely going to have my 6 yr old daughter help.


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