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Thursday, September 5, 2013

Six Fall Boredom Busters for Kids

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Hello Friends of Blissful and Domestic!! I am so happy to be here guest posting today. Thanks Danielle for having me! Today I will be talking about busting boredom over fall break. Here we go...

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Our local schools are moving to a more balanced calendar, which means the kids went back to school quite early this year and will have two weeks off in October. Many moms have asked me to compile a list of ideas to bust boredom on those two weeks in the fall.

1. Currently we live in Southern Indiana, about 20 minutes from beautiful Brown County. Hiking on a day that the air is crisp, the leaves are turning would be a wonderful boredom buster. You could pack a picnic and hit Brown County State Park. (or any park in your area!)

2. Check out local Harvest festivals. In September and October Harvest festival begin to pop up all over. They offer free entertainment, flea markets and a chance to get out of the house on sunny days.


 3. Plan a day to go apple picking and then have an apple night. You then can make different apple dishes together and enjoy eating them.

4. Decorate pumpkins. Carving, painting or for the littles use stickers! Display them on your porch.

 5. Make bird feeders for the birds. Food becomes scarce for animals as winter approaches. Here is a couple of projects as well.

6. Make a scarecrow to sit by the pumpkins that you carved earlier in the week. Use old clothes, or go to a second had store and purchase some. Rake the leaves and stuff the clothes. Tie off the ends of the pants and shirt with twine. Use a pumpkin as the head and prop him up with a 2x4. What fall activity do you like to do to bust boredom over the break from school? 

What fall activity do you like to do to bust boredom over the break from school?


Thanks Erica! Those were some awesome ideas that can be done wherever you live. Getting outside and having fun with our family is a great way to beat the boredom! Be sure to follow Erica over at her blog .

XO Danielle

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This post was created for Blissful and Domestic by We Three Crabs.Thanks, Erica!


  1. Oh this post makes me soo happy <3 I want to do these! I love fall.

  2. I am so ready for fall! Soup season!!!

  3. I live 20 minutes from downtown Indy, so this is totally doable! =]

  4. Thanks ladies for all your kind comments! And A big Thank you to Danielle for letting me guest post. Blissful and Domestic has been my bloggy crush for a while!!

    We Three Crabs

  5. Thanks ladies for all your kind comments and THANKS Danielle for letting me guest post! Blissful and Domestic has been my bloggy crush for a while now!

    We Three Crabs

  6. More than 20 years ago (gosh, that sounds really old!!!), I used to work at the WIC clinic in Nashville and drive back home to Columbus, IN past Brown County State Park. Our last fall there (1989) was beautiful and the leaves on the trees in the park were absolutely incredible. Hope y'all have a great blast of color this year!!!


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