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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Thanks-a-Latte Gift Idea

Hello to all of you fabulous readers of Blissful and Domestic! I love love love her blog, don’t you? It has helped me in so many ways! I can’t even count them! I am so appreciative of all her advice and frugal living ideas. I am so honored to be here talking to y’all about this!

First, here is a little about me! My name is Samantha, just call me Sam, and I blog over at My blog is about the musings of my family, loving God, being youth pastors, being a first time mommy, trying to balance life, and living a healthy lifestyle. I currently work at our local hospital and love it. I have a sixteen month girl named Grace, a wonderful husband Matt, and I am pregnant with our little guy (due 12/1). Life is about to get interesting for sure! I hope you will stop by and check out all of our fun happenings at Case Of Mondays!
Whether they are teachers, Sunday School workers, the mail man, whomever, we all have people in our lives that we want to show a little appreciation and love for, right? Unfortunately, I am a horrible card person and stink at sending out little notes of love to people I think about constantly (I really need to get better at that)! I am so thankful for the people that we have in our life and love them oh so much, so this is my first attempt at showing them my appreciation.

 photo IMG_6517_zps36a05972.jpg
At our church, I am the coordinator for our Sunday School program. Last Sunday, we decided to have a luncheon honoring all of our servants and appreciating them. We had a fabulous time eating, chatting, discussing the upcoming adventures, and just enjoying each other’s company. I wanted to make sure they felt extra special. Without them, I would be doing Sunday School every week or we wouldn’t have a program. Sunday School is a vital part of church ministry. Aside from them feeling appreciated, I also wanted it to be an example to encourage other volunteers to sign up!

 photo IMG_6516_zps9e08d19d.jpg
Since I am not the most craftiest person ever (not like Mrs Danielle here!), Pinterest is my life saver when it comes to these ideas. I can in no way take credit for their originality, but this is what I did with them. I had eight teachers people who I wanted to love on, half of them teachers and half assistants. It happens to be that they are all female right now and what woman doesn’t like chocolate and coffee? I thought everyone in the world loved that combination, but come to find out we do have some tea lovers in the house. I decided to get creative and simple.
After searching high and low for some cute mugs, I finally found some at Ross. I bought eight mugs that could be used for tea, coffee, water, soda, whatever they wanted to put it in and it could be hot or cold! After I went to Target to buy some candy to stuff in the cups!

 photo IMG_6511_zps34a2b533.jpg

 photo IMG_6512_zpsde9617fa.jpg
I found these two sayings on Pinterest, “Thanks a LATTE” and “You’re TEA-rrific” and decided to use these as cute tags.


Thanks so much Sam! What super cute ideas to just let those you serve with know you care and appreciate them. These would be great as simple homemade gifts at Christmas time too! You could do mason jars or mugs for hot chocolate! Yum! Don't forget to check out Samantha on her blog!

XO Danielle

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