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Thursday, October 3, 2013

10 Frugal Halloween Decor Ideas

Hey Blissful and Domestic fans! I am Jodi and I am so thrilled to be a guest on this awesome blog!

Today I'm going to share with you 10 easy Halloween/Fall decorations that will save you some money. We all love to decorate, but we know that decorating can get a little pricey and if we can save some money, but still have fun decorations in our house, in my book you have a win win situation! So let's get started!
  The 1st thing I'm going to share with you is my Witch's table.

#1 (mini witch clothes and a kitty made from felt)
Here is my mini witch clothes...aren't they cute?  To do this I used felt, a piece of string, and mini clothes pins.

To go with my mini witch clothes I made a kitty...what witch doesn't have a black cat? Of course it has to be a cute one. I stuck it to a vase with flowers and I have an easy decoration!

 See how simple, easy, cute, and frugal this is?
 #2 (witch potions made with paint and mini jars)
 Of course every witch needs potions. To make this I put some paint inside some mini jars and now we got jars full of potions!
 #3 (witches brew made with foam sealant and a dipping bowl)
Now if you have potions you need witches brew!

To make this I bought this dip bowl (picture below) at the dollar store (they also have them at Walmart). I added some foam sealant for cracks to it. I painted it and added some fun decor to the top to make it look "realistic."

#4 ( witch hat made from cardboard, cardstock, feathers, and a bow)
Now for the final piece I made this cute witch hat. From cardboard I cut out a circle for the bottom part of the hat. For the top I used cardstock. For added decoration I added some dots (also made from cardstock), a bow, and some feathers. Now my table is complete, saved me some money, and the kids love it!
#5 (owls made with felt to give decoration to my "haunted house")
To add to my Halloween decor I made a "haunted house" table. 

Again I used felt and made some owls. I grabbed some dead tree branches from outside, put them in mini flower pots, and put the owls in the trees.

I made this sign on the computer (Secret is our last name, so I thought this was kinda funny), anyways put it in the other tree branch and I have a little haunted house.

 #6 (add cardstock bats to a lamp)
Now this is one easy decoration! I cut out some bats (but anything will do) stuck them inside my lamp, wrapped some purple lights around it and now I have bats flying around.

 #7 (a ghost made with frosted glass spray)
For this ghost idea I got a plain mirror, some frosted glass spray, and a ghost cutout. Sprayed on the ghost with the spray and here is my scary ghost trying to scare me.
 #8 (a spider web made with Elmer's glue and glitter and a spider made from craft puffy balls and pipe cleaner)
Now what Halloween is complete if you don't include a spider?

To make the spider web I laid out a piece of wax paper on a flat floor. With pencil I traced how I wanted the spider web to look. With Elmer's glue I went over the pencil tracing and added glitter as I went along. Let it dry and now you have a spider web.

For the spider I got some simple craft puffy balls and some pipe cleaners. Glued it all together and now I have a cute spider for my spider web!

 Now with all this Halloween talk I thought I'd end it with a couple of fall decorations.

#9 (An old pumpkin covered with burlap and floral wire)
To make this I grabbed one of my sad looking pumpkins. I covered it with burlap and for the creases I used floral wire and now I have a refurbished pumpkin!

#10 (flower vase made with a tin can and dead tree branches)
Last but not least I grabbed an empty tin can from some canned soup (you can actually see it lol). I then cut some tree branches to the size I wanted them to be and hot glued them to the can. Added some flowers and I have a wonderful fall decoration.

 I just love being able to decorate and not feel guilty that I spent so much money doing it. For all these decorations it cost me no more than $15.00. Can you believe that? There are ways to have fun decorating without all the cost. Although I love decorations, the best part is putting them up and watching your kids light up!
Thanks for allowing me to be a guest on your blog Danielle and share my cost efficient decorations with all of your lovely fans!
Feel free to stop by my blog at SUCCESSFUL SECRETS!


Jodi those are some fabuloud ideas! It is so good to know we can make the holidays fun, but still live on a budget! Thanks Jodi!

XO Danielle

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  1. You did such a great job, I think the homemade/handmade factor makes it even more special, and so one of a kind, NO ONE else is going to have the same thing!! I agree the Ghost Mirror is super cute, I did a Halloween bathroom for under $20.00 bucks this year from "homemade" and dollar tree finds


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