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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Mommy Notes: Feeling Pepless

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Morning Lovelies! It feels like forever since I have sat down to this laptop and written anything. The juices just weren't not even a trickle. The thought of sitting down to write, let alone edit a picture, was sending me into a fit of cra cra grumpiness. The inspiration wasn't there and its in those times that I toy with the idea of walking away from blogging. I know I've mentioned it before and don't be alarmed I am not going anywhere, I think sometimes though as a blogger you put yourself into a category and force yourself to fit into a mold. I am a mommy blogger, not a craft or food blogger. I am a Mom and I share a little bit about my life of being a Mom. I share the ups and the downs. Those times when I want to walk away from blogging are when I am tired and not sure if I have enough pep to share. Well today I want you to know that if you are feeling pepless, it is A ok. I hear ya sister and am right there in that boat. Some days as a Mom you feel amazing (like when your skinny jeans fit...that's the best) and some days can be dreadful (like when you have to bring out the “chubby monkey jeans”...those days suck right?) Lets be real ladies being a Mom is a sticky mess sometimes and can wear on our mommy hearts and noggins. Sometimes going bananas is a daily thing for me, but I want you to know that it's ok. We can go to sleep and start over. The sun will come out tomorrow (thank you Annie for my personal mantra this week. You and Daddy Warbucks have bee on my mind this week) and we will get that pep back....we will find our inspiration. I think today's post is more of a pick me up for remind me I don't have to be perfect. I blog because I want to document this journey my family is going on....and boy is it a fantastic journey. It isn't always pretty but we are doing it together and I love us. We pretty much rock (but I am partial you know)....So today those littles...and love your “us”. Your family is amazing and so are you!

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XO Danielle

I took this picture of my boy during one of our family nights. That face cracks me up. He is a bundle of energy and adorable freckles.


  1. hang in there woman, I feel your struggles. I've been feeling the blahs for a while too. My doctor thinks it's the 'change of life come early' for me. I've been dealing with migraines for 23 years now and they have been getting worse the past 3 years. With all the different medications I've been on, I've gained 40 pounds and recently lost 25. They are now trying me on some new meds which have my hormones and moods all over the place. Exercise, rest, and time are my best friends and remembering to just give myself a break. I'm not superwoman and can't do it all every day. You are right, tomorrow is another day. Love those kids of yours, they are what is important.

  2. I know what you mean when you say that the "Creative juices" weren't flowing. I also went through a weird phase where I didn't want to write anything for awhile and ended up just pressing pause on the blogger world and had to wait for some inspiration. But just remember that blogging is suppose to be fun and if you don't want to post for awhile I'll always understand <3

    -B ♡ MsBerryStylish 

  3. Definitely have felt that way before! It gets hard sometimes when there is already so much going on around you. I try to "schedule" myself a few moments of quiet or hobby time, and it helps me jump start and get refreshed again. You're doing great, and keep singing with Annie! Have a great day :-)

  4. Feeling like that myself just now. Good to know I am not alone. Thanks.

  5. I read a lot of blogs and I will tell you that right now several of them are writing as you are. My opinion (in my tiny world!) is that I don't want to just read "pictures" everyday, I like clicking on a blog to find something different. My favorites are about a little of everything. Being a mom, housekeeper, cook, and decorator. After all, that is what most of use are! Don't feel pegged in to only write about one thing. That gets boring.

  6. I always try to remind myself of why I started and think about what my blog will look like a year from now if I continue writing, that always seems to get me inspired. I found you on Pinterest and was wondering if you would add my to your Pinterest board Blissful-and-domestic-yumminess. I would love to participate! My Pinterest board is Thank you! Marti

  7. Thank you for your post. It must be that time of year. I'm feeling the same thing. I love reading your blog and feel like you have a real gift to share. Take care of yourself, love those kids of yours, and come back when you are ready!


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