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Monday, October 21, 2013

Reader's Corner: Buying Paper Products

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This question is in regards to my post on How to Do Costco on a Budget post
"Just wondering if you find it's worth it for household things - paper goods, plastic bags, etc. I go back and forth whether I want to get a Sam's membership (we don't have a Costco here, darn it!), but I want to make sure I'm not paying tons for something I'm only going to use on a few things here and there"
 -Jenn Doyle

Ok so here is the low down. We have a gold membership to Costco. We upgraded recently, since we get our gas there too. We get more benefits with our gold membership, plus I shop there every month. We are able to gain rewards so our membership is paid for next year, which is a pretty stellar deal.

That being said, I do not buy all paper products at Costco. I do buy our toilet paper there. We buy the store brand and I try to have about three cases in my house at a time I store them under beds. Why do I need that much toilet paper? Well because it is one thing you literally can't go without....well unless you want to channel your inner pioneer, but I don't want to. I know there may be a month where we do not have a lot of extra money, so I make sure we are well stocked on toilet paper.

When it comes to napkins, paper plates, cups, trash bags, baggies and forks I take advantage of store sales and coupons. I like to have paper products on hand because when have a huge extended family. When they come to dinner, I do not want to spend my time in the kitchen cleaning, so I opt for paper plates and cups. This saves me a lot of cleaning time. Since I only buy these on sale and I don't use them for everyday use, I only have to purchase these every few months.

Where trash bags and baggies are concerned, I usually purchase my trash bags at Costco when they're on sale. I get all of our baggies from either Winco or Wal-Mart, whichever one is having a sale. I try to always keep these in stock, so I only have to purchase them when they're on sale. Thinking ahead with your shopping and storage will save you tons. Shopping for the future and not just the "right now", enables you to only buy when things are at their rock bottom price. I follow this philosophy for everything I buy.

So when it comes to paper products do your budget and the environment a favor and use it spraingly. Allow yourself the convenice at dinner paties and such, but for every day use use plastic or glassware. Shop ahead and only when things are on sale.

Thats how I save one paper products. Now I want to know how you all save. Leave your comments below.

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XO Danielle


  1. I buy my toilet paper and paper towels at Dollar General Store. I get 9 rolls of the store brand of t.p. for $4.50. (It's just like Charmin) The paper towels are $5 for the store brand and works well. So for $9.50 I get a months worth (give or take) of paper products. Now I buy our wet wipes from Walmart. I buy the store brand for $2.75. It fills two containers and last a week for our family of 4.

  2. I usually go the coupon route, especially for paper products, stocking up when stuff goes on sale. But with our homeschool back in 'session' my coupons have been piling up and my paper products are dwindling. I don't know how you do it all, but I sure love these posts about saving money. Thank you so much!

  3. I am a Sam's Club shopper as we don't have Costco. I agree about the paper. I get my garbage bags there as I save a lot, but for sandwich bags, they only have one name brand and it is cheaper to buy from Walmart or Aldi's. Most other things I find are cheaper at Sam's. I have to watch produce as we don't always go through it fast enough and then it is a waste. Snacks are hugely cheaper there. I, also, go once a month. Oh, and no one has Almond Milk as cheap as Sam's.

  4. I agree, not all paper goods are a good deal at the big box stores. We buy our TP in bulk too, but we have also picked it up at Home Depot (on sale), and Smart and Final (which I think is very comparable to Sams and Costco, with NO membership fees). If you have a Smart and Final, check it out. I get most of our baggies, foil, etc., from the Dollar Tree or 99c Store. If I want good quality freezer bags for freezing meals, I buy them at Winco. Can't beat their sale prices on Ziplock brands. I skip all of the fancy cleaning products and pricy laundry detergent at the big box stores and make my own for pennies.

  5. I have found that krogers has the best price on bulk tp. (charmin ultra soft - yes i'm a tp snob, lol!). I've tried to make my own detergent but I don't care for it. the clean factor is superior but I have to have liquid and I can't get a batch to not be clumpy. it ends up being more expensive and aggrevating. anyone that has a clump free or ideas of why I get clumpy detergent could u please list it?


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