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Friday, October 18, 2013

Shabby Chic Puppy Dog Halloween Costume

 photo shabbychicpuppy39_zps62444abe.jpg

Morning Lovelies! This week has been busy to say the least, but pretty dang rewarding! I hadn't planned on making Halloween costumes this year. Honestly I just wasn't feeling it, so I bought some, but the sweet people at Joann Fabric and Craft Store had a different idea. When they asked if I had any costume ideas to share with you lovelies, I wasn't sure I could deliver. Then it happen. The light bulb went off and a costume came to mind. A costume I knew my Miss Priss would absolutely rock! I wanted something frugal and something that was versatile. Shabby Chic was my theme and I ran with it.

I dug through my stash of fabric and remembered a pinterest pin I had seen a while back. It was a shabby fabric tutu. I had been wanting to make one for like forever and a day. Finally I was going to have my chance! What? I was actually going to make something I pinned on Pinterest. Crazy right?

 photo shabbychicpuppy5_zps2fadeed5.jpg

Using up fabric scraps is one of the greatest, frugal craft tips I can share with you. I stress using leftovers in the kitchen and in your crafts. It can save you tons of money! My chevron scraps added up to about a yard of fabric, but were cast offs from previous projects.

 photo shabbychicpuppy7_zps61deea0a.jpg

I raided my craft stash for not only fabric but the elastic, felt, and headband (for the floppy ears). I love to have my crafting staples in stock, so I can always find things to make projects when the light bulbs go off :) It makes my crafting heart happy!

 photo shabbychicpuppy8_zps0b36fe78.jpg

 photo shabbychicpuppy9_zps5a33cd5a.jpg

 photo shabbychicpuppy10_zpsf211378e.jpg

I measured out my munchkins waist and then tied my elastic. Oh yeah did I mention this is a NO SEW tutorial? Aren't those the best?

I placed my tied elastic on a chair and began tying my fabric strips onto my elastic. I slip knotted my fabric onto the elastic. It is exactly how I made Miss Priss's Fancy Nancy Tutu two years ago.

 photo shabbychicpuppy13_zps656ee3ea.jpg

 photo shabbychicpuppy1_zps1070268e.jpg

 photo shabbychicpuppy15_zps915f97a0.jpg

The last thing I had to do was make some floppy ears. My ears are similar to our Hello Kitty ears we made last year. I covered a pink headband in black felt and then cut out half ovals to make floppy ears. I hot glued the ears on, so they fell down just above her eyes. If you want floppy ears think beagle.

This was such a simple costume to make and it really is so versatile. You could make a shabby chic tutu in any red for a devil, white for an Angel, polka-dot for a Dalmatian, gray for a kitty, pink for a fairy, etc. Think outside of the box, raid that fabric stash, and get creative. Mix patterns and colors and have fun!

Oh and then have a super fun photo shoot with your muchkin.
Candy bribes are always encouraged by six year olds :)

 photo shabbychicpuppy26_zps1a487272.jpg

  photo shabbychicpuppy11_zps4f649942.jpg

  photo shabbychicpuppy12_zpsbffe3b8b.jpg 

 Happy Crafting Lovelies!
What costumes have you been creating this spooky season?

XO Danielle

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  1. really cute. and it seems so simple to do, I had no idea it could be that easy....

  2. Your chevron love has extended in to costumes!! ;)
    Looks great!


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