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Monday, November 25, 2013

Christmas Countdown


Every year I do countdowns with my kids. I think it is a great way to celebrate each day and do something fun with them. When I get ready to make a countdown, I look at what we did the previous year. I started when my kids were toddlers, Keagan was about 3 and Libby was barely walking. I keep the activities we really liked and then add a few new ones.

 I then check out my library's website. They have an activity calendar for each month posted there. I check and see what fun activities they have going on. We have a few libraries that are close to us, so I have a pretty good selection to choose from. I also check out my parks and recreation site. They usually have some fun, free things for families to do. I always look for free activities. Doing a countdown doesn't have to cost a lot. I choose simple activities, which I will usually have the stuff on hand to do.

Sometimes it is easy to browse pinterest and see all the fun countdown activities and such. This can leave you feeling like you have to rush out and buy craft supplies and what not. Resist that urge. Always base your countdowns around what you already have. When your kids look back, they will not remember the money you spent. They will remember the moments shared together. I always remind myself of this when the urge to spend rears its ugly head.

After the list is made, we make a countdown chain. All you need is construction paper and a pencil. Write your activities on the chains or the days till Christmas. It's a free, easy way to countdown to the Merry day!

Now that you know how I make my countdown lists,
 let's check out this years Christmas activity countdown.

1. Visit Ethel M. Chocolate Factory
Every year we have a tradition of visiting Ethel M. Chocolate Factory. You get to go on a small factory tour and then see all the lights they set up in the cactus garden. It is fun for the whole family. Makes for a great Family Home Evening too. Oh and did I mention it is FREE. Oh yes my favorite thing!

2. Make gingerbread houses

3. Make reindeer pancakes
I have some fun molds I found on Ebay. 
They are great for making festive pancakes. 

4. Deliver treats to friends

5. Go carolling

6.Drink hot chocolate

7. Drive around and look at Christmas lights
This is an easy, free activity. Just pop some popcorn and go for a drive after dinner. It is a perfect time to check out all the fancy lights in your neighborhood

8. Watch Dr. Seuss' How The Grinch Stole Christmas and have a "Grinch Feast"
Our Grinch Feast" will consist of who-roast beef sandwiches, fruit, and who-chocolate pudding. Simple and yummy! 

9. Bake Christmas Sugar Cookies and frost them


10. Play pin the nose on the reindeer

11. Go Christmas shopping for siblings
This is where we give each of our littles $10. They then get to shop for their sibling. They have to stay within budget. We also have them earn the money by doing extra chores around the house.

12. Ice cream cone treat

13. Elf Breakfast
 We watch the movie Elf and have a special Elf worthy breakfast. Powdered dough-nuts, marshmallows, and fruit. Not nutritional at all, but a lot of fun for the kids. Hey they are only this little once:)

14. Christmas mega movie night + living room camp out
We bring the kids mattresses out into the living room, pile up the blankets and pillows, and have a camp out. We watch 2-3 Christmas movies, eat pizza, and snack on popcorn treats. We do this for Halloween too and my kids love it!

15. Christmas Story Time @ Library
I try to participate in as much stuff at the library as I can. It is fun for the kids and FREE. What more can you ask for? Just check out your library's website and see what activities they have going on.

16. Make a Christmas Star
When we do this activity we always talk about the new star that appeared in the sky when Christ was born. This is a simple way to do a craft with them and teach them as well.


17. Make Snowflakes
They love making simple paper snowflakes and hanging them throughout the house. These stay up till after January. They double as winter decor as well.

18. Set up the manger and read Room for a Little One

19. $5 Crazy Dinner
I write "main course", "side dish", "drink", and "dessert" on slips of paper. We each pick a slip from a hat and then go to the store together. We each pick something to go with our type of dish, but we can only spend $5. Once we get all our food, we come home, cook it, and do a movie night. My kids love this one. We do it each year.

20. Watch Charlie Brown Christmas and have a treat

21. Make a hand print Christmas Tree


22. Make a new ornament for the tree

23. Donate toys to charity
We let the kids each pick out a new toy at the store. We then donate it to a charity. We also have them go through their old toys and donate a few as well. This is a great time to talk to your kids about how some children may not get toys this Christmas. I try to do this, so that my children know how important it is for us to help others. We started this with them as toddlers and now they look forward to donating items at Christmas time. They are happy they are able to make someone's holiday brighter.

24. Read the Christmas Story and have a family brunch
We do this every year with my husbands family. We all exchange our secret Santa presents and have a Christmas Eve brunch. It is always so fun. We also talk to the kids about the Christmas story (birth of Christ) BEFORE presents are opened. It is a great reminder for them and me. I never want to forget why this great holiday is celebrated.

25. Christmas Day!

Each day we do one of these activities. I always try to chose simple things that we can do, even when busy schedules occur. I always try to remember it is about my littles enjoying the holidays. It has to be fun for them. That is the most important thing for me. We also do a Christmas Book List (I will post this year's list soon).

Some other fun Christmas activities are

Cookie Wreaths 

M and M Syllable Trees

Addition Christmas Tree

Make Snowman Pancakes

Are you ready to make a Christmas countdown for your family? Go will have such a fun time celebrating this joyous month with your littles!. Let me know what you all do to help celebrate the season. I love hearing what others is a great way to get some more ideas :)

Have a wonderful day lovelies!

XO Danielle


  1. What a great list! I'll be doing some of these!

  2. Looks like a FUN countdown. I intend to do just the opposite this year. December becomes too busy for us.
    Have a great Monday!!!

  3. Great List!!! I was reading a post also about your son fixated on that Xbox, and had an idea for you and the Hubbs. Last year at this time (black friday sales) I was able to purchase an Atari 2600 flashback system with Lots of Games on it for a mere $20 from Dollar General. I used this as a family gift, and we all have had a lot of fun times with it since!!! (the regular price non sale was $40) Now, it's not an XBOX....i get that, but these are some fun games on cold nights!!!

  4. Hey Danielle, just checking in on you girl. I hope you're doing OK. I saw on Instagram about your brother and I have been praying for you nonstop. I love the holiday header on your blog. XOXO

  5. Thanks for sharing all your great ideas. My kiddos are older, all but one is a teenager, but you had some activities I hadn't thought of that even the older 2 would enjoy. Love your blog. Blessings to you and your family this holiday season.

  6. What a cute idea!!! I love it! I want to do this with my kids with that time of my life comes. :)

  7. Hi Danielle!!! You might like this idea that I found for my son this year. Each year we do the countdown Christmas chain, you know loop pieces of paper "cuffs" together and make a chain. Well I read somewhere to put a prayer on each chain so that when you break off the days chain you say a prayer for that person or family! I thought it was a brilliant idea and couldn't believe I didn't think of it before hand! Hope you enjoy your holiday season! :)

  8. Those activities sound like fun, especially the $5 crazy dinner. I will definitely have to note them down!

  9. Oh how I LOVE this list!!! We are trying to conquer "elf on the shelf" for the first time this year. I defintely want to do a countdown next year. I will be using some of your ideas until I come up with 25 of my own! Thanks for the fantastic idea!


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