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Saturday, December 7, 2013

DIY Christmas Tree Felt Bunting

 This post was originally published December 2012

 I'm Jenny of The Sweet Stuff. I am a full-time wife and mommy of one sweet baby girl and a part-time teacher. I live in California where I enjoy the sunshine as much as possible while working hard to make our 816 square foot house a joyful home for the family that God has blessed me with. I enjoy cooking, baking, hiking, reading, crafting, creating products for my online shop The Sweet Stuff Shop, and blogging about my everyday life full of The Sweet Stuff.

Today I am going to show you how to make a simple Christmas Tree Felt Bunting


Trying to stay within a budget and keep our home clutter free while still decorating festively for the holidays has been a challenge.

Thankfully, I came up with some felt bunting projects that added a holiday feel to our home without too much cost or clutter.


Felt (in whatever festive colors you want)
Sewing machine (or hand sewing needle)


1. Cut your felt into the shape you’d like.  My current fave is scallops, but triangles, rectangles, and hearts are also fun!  I decided to do some Christmas tree cut outs as well, since the holidays are upon us.

2.  Pull a long section of thread through the needle and begin sewing on your first piece of felt.

3. Continue adding in pieces of felt in the order you want, without breaking the thread or lifting the foot. Depending on how far apart you want each shape, wait more or less time between feeding in the new piece.

4. When the last piece of bunting has been sewn, pull the desired amount of thread through and cut.

5. Hang wherever you’d like!  My favorite places are from an empty frame, from a mantle or other prominent location such as a shelf, window, or doorway; and on a wreath!

I love the bunchy look of the tree garland and the simple spaced out effect of the scalloped garland.  I even did a zigzag stitch on the scalloped bunting to add some character.  You can also add felt letters or write something on your bunting with a sharpie or fabric pen.


This is a quick and inexpensive craft that can be done for any occasion.



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  1. This is a great project! I love the idea and the budget friendly cost. I don't know if I will get one done for Christmas, but am thinking of one for Valentine's day! Thank you for the inspiration!


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