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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Family Night: Picking Out Christmas Ornaments

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Every year we get new ornaments for the kids, usually relating to whatever they are into that year. This year we decided to let the kids pick out there own ornaments. We did it as a family night. It was fun to take the kids out and see their faces in response to all the fun ornaments at Target. There were so many! I love this tradition we have of adding a new ornament each year. Each ornament has a story and I am thankful for the stories we're able to share as a family each year we put up the tree. Family night this week was a hit!

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XO Danielle


  1. I'm secretly obsessed with the show Phineas and Ferb, so the "Perry the platypus" one seems so cool!
    -B ♡ MsBerryStylish 

  2. Every year on Christmas Eve we're allowed to open one present and that's always our new ornament. For YEARS, ever since I can remember, I've gotten a Barbie ornament and it's sad that they'll no longer be continuing to bring out new ones.


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