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Monday, December 2, 2013

Oh Christmas Tree.....

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This past weekend we decked the halls and hung the holly. We set up our new artificial tree from Christmas Tree Market. I sure do love blogging by those Christmas lights. There's something about turning all the lights out, except the Christmas lights. The child in me comes out and I get all kinds of excited for this wonderful time of year. My children squealed when they saw the box from Christmas Tree Market. They knew that meant another tree of Christmas fun. We love Christmas in my house and we sure do love to decorate (see a video HERE). When the sweet people at CTM offered to send me a tree to review, I jumped at the chance. We ordered a 4ft Balsam Spruce Tree. It's gorgeous and was so easy to set up. It came in three pieces and is pre-lit. This mama had an easy time at putting the tree together this year. I loved it! 

So I know you're dying to ask me......Why am I pro artificial trees? Well, I love artificial trees, since it saves you money and saves some trees in the process. Buying a live tree can cost anywhere from $50-$100+ each year. That can really add up! Our first articificial tree is still going strong (10 years strong). We've saved about $1,000 over the past 10 years using our fake tree each year.

We usually spray our tree with some fresh pine scent spray. This gives it that freshly cut smell.

Christmas Tree Market has an amazing selection of beautiful trees. Today is their cyber Monday blowout sale, so if you're looking for a new Christmas tree today is the day!

Have you all set up your tree yet?

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XO Danielle

I was given a tree in exchange for a review, but
this post is 100% my opinion


  1. we sure did put ours up Thanksgiving night. We have been putting out other things slowly. I don't decorate for any other seasons but we do decorate for Christmas, I like you enjoy the soft glow of the Christmas lights, we will enjoy their soft glow every night until the day after Christmas.

  2. I love Christmas lights too, hoping to get my tree up this week. When your old tree starts to break down too much to use as a tree, disassemble the branches and reuse them for outdoor decorations--I bought some inexpensive red ribbon and made swags out of one we had to put around the windows. I used them for a couple of years before they finally wore out, but I was thrilled to get some more use out of them.

  3. Gorgeous! My tree isn't up yet, but it will be soon!

  4. $50 -$100 for a real tree?? Here we buy them at home improvement stores (not tree lots- they are usually more ) and only paid $31 for a 7 ft tree. There were lots of smaller trees for $20..

  5. trees here are 20-25 bucks... and if you REALLY want to save money...dont get one. i decorate my mantle, and if i had room would plant a "Xmas tree" outside

    but some other things i consider:
    plastic does NOT break down, just gets broken to smaller bits that end up in the food chain. real trees can be mulched or composted.
    plastic has been implicated in some long term health issues, and artificial pine scent sets off many people's allergies.

    if you happen to be very crafty and want a good project: make a fake tree by getting a wood log/pole and drilling holes in to hold branches... then make your own from wood and paper. at least that way you can mulch it!


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