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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Root Beer Ham Sliders

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Yesterday I realized I had some deli meat that needed to be used, so last night for dinner I tried out a new crock-pot recipe...Root Beer Ham Sliders. It was simple to throw together in the morning and by 5 o'clock, dinner was ready to go. I served it on homemade rolls with bake beans and fruit. It was a scrumptious dinner, which pleased the whole family.

Root Beer Ham Sandwiches

1 lb deli sliced ham
2 cans of root beer
1/4 cup dried onions (regular onions would work)
2 tbl brown sugar

Place all ingredients into the crock-pot and cook on low for 6 hours. Serve on homemade rolls or store bought rolls and enjoy! 

We like to serve our root beer ham sandwiches with baked beans and fruit.

*To save money when buying your lunch meat, look for sales and stock up. Deli meat freezes great!

*I buy #10 cans of minced dried onions from the lds cannery for under $7 a can. These are a great addition to food storage and help when I am all out of fresh onions.There storage life is also 30 years!

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Print Recipe HERE

XO Danielle

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