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Friday, May 16, 2014

Big Dreams Require Great Faith - Blissful and Domestic

I'm a dreamer. A full on staring off into space, constantly thinking about the future, type of dreamer. A few years ago I had a big dream to be a blogger. I thought at first I would be a craft blogger, but Heavenly Father had different plans. He saw the greatness within me that I couldn't.  He saw my potential, when my own eyes could not. He knew that I was going through a trial...a really big trial. I was learning to let go of material things and relish in the beauty of simplicity. I stumbled a lot, as I learned to make a house a home for my family. I learned to completely rely on the Lord, when I wasn't sure what the future held. Sometimes I didn't know how our money would stretch and provide for our needs, but He did. I blogged about that journey and Blissful and Domestic was born.
Because of my trials and the knowledge I gained from them, I have been able to help so many. This fills my heart with so much joy. I know that God is using this blog to reach out to others. To uplift those who are in need...those who need to know they're not alone.
Recently my husband and I have felt inspired to fully commit to this space and to the message that God wants us to share. It terrifies me because so many uncertainties lay ahead (remember I mentioned my doubts here) , but I know this is where God wants our focus. Our focus is on him and serving him. We want to always share that God is good and you always matter to Him. We can live on less and be a happy, joy filled people.
Jason and I choose to live on less, to allow God to provide for our needs, as we use this blog to help others. I know there are so many who are lost. So many who are struggling...financially, spiritually, physically. ..we need your help to reach them. If you know of someone who could benefit from this blog, please share it with them. Big dreams require great faith and trust me...I have big dreams people. I have big dreams where we can forget what the world tells us we need, but focus on what God knows we need. I have big dreams where more people can experience the freedom that being debt free brings....the freedom to know your family is taken care of.
I pray for your help. I pray for you. Thank you for coming here and supporting my family....supporting me. This readers....your sweet comments are a blessing to me every day. Thank you always.

XO Danielle

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