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Friday, May 2, 2014

Easter 2014

I'm only a few weeks late posting this. In all honesty I thought I had. I edited the pictures right after getting home from our Easter Weekend, but I never got around to posting our pictures here on the blog...I know slacker alert! Well now is the day ladies and gents. Here is my absolute overload of family pictures and fun. We went to Logandale and enjoyed some fun festivities for Easter. It was full of egg hunts, riding horses, video game battles with the boys, lots of candy, and lots of laughs. Being with family is always a I am always thankful for:)

 photo Easter201425_zps525c1577.jpg

 photo Easter201426_zpscf7f3852.jpg

 photo Easter201423_zps8aa607d3.jpg

 photo Easter201422_zps045ee2db.jpg

 photo Easter201421_zpsf2f3f194.jpg

 photo Easter201419_zpsff98a8a6.jpg

 photo Easter201417_zpsaac6e019.jpg

 photo Easter201420_zps86c824e0.jpg

 photo Easter201418_zps231b4867.jpg

 photo easter201416_zps7aee4d9d.jpg

 photo easter201415_zps4befff87.jpg

 photo easter201410_zps2bb7832d.jpg

 photo easter201412_zps463f83f3.jpg

 photo easter201413_zpse68db897.jpg

 photo easter201411_zpsb800e64d.jpg

 photo easter20146_zps982a4632.jpg

 photo easter20142_zpsf7a0cfc2.jpg

 photo easter20141_zps73dc3d72.jpg

If you made it to the bottom you are a trooper and seriously rock!

XO Danielle

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  1. What a bunch of cuties! Thanks for sharing your pics! We always love having you guys out!

  2. Those kids are growing up way too fast! Cute =)


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