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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

That time I took her stuff animals hostage... - Blissful and Domestic

These little buggers have become my hostages this week. They will only be returned when attitudes have changed and kind words are spoken. We have been having a heck of a time with a certain red headed girl lately. We have had numerous Family Home Evenings and scripture time family talks devoted to how we should talk to each other and what spirit we want to be brought into our home with our words. It seems like things are finally starting to sink in. I think that fact that hubby and I took all her stuff animals as hostages has given a bit more drive to act kinder towards her brother. Each day she behaves in school and uses kind words, she is able to earn one animal back. Finally I am hearing less screaming and more words filled with love and joy. We have been stressing that we want our home to be a place of calm, peace, and love. We want to use words to uplift and inspire others, not bring them tumbling down. As we strive to teach our children this, it reminds me as well the words and thoughts that should be filling my day. I am an imperfect being, who wants to be more like her Savior. I pray  I can be more like Him. When He was on the cross, he asked for forgiveness for those that had hurt Him. Throughout His life he was kind and loving to all He came in contact with. I pray to be more like Him and to be forgiven of my short comings...because I have many. I am thankful for a new day and a little girl that is slowing earning back her cuddly the mean time, they are taking over my room. I'm sure eventually they will make it back to reds room....eventually (fingers crossed) :)

XO Danielle

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