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Friday, May 9, 2014

The Doll with the Wonky Leg

Here he is again...blowing me away. Oh how I love that man of mine and our sweet freckled face munchkins. God is good! May you allow Him to work in your heart, as He is on mine. Thank you for coming to this blog. You're amazing! Enjoy another sweet message from that green eyed love of mine. - Blissful and Domestic

This picture has absolutely nothing to do with this post, but I love it too much not to share 


As of late I have been thinking a lot about the doll with the wonky leg. This blonde hair, American Girl knock-off, is one of my daughters most prized possesions. Our daughter, who loves dolls and everything taking care of them entails, has come to love and care for this doll. Miss calls her Scarlet. Now Scarlet has been with us for now let me think.....I can at least remember her being here for a year....Danielle would be able to nail down the day and hour it was given to us....she's good like that.

Why do I mention this seemingly insignificant doll? Well it has taught me about how the things we teach our children matter. Never did I think a measly doll would teach me such a significant lesson. My daughter and Scarlet have shown me that we can watch our children make choices we are proud of and see they are becoming the great people we so eagerly are shaping them into.

Scarlet, who is also lovingly called the doll with the wonky leg, has taught myself about faith, love and charity. Now I understand that it sounds a bit crazy when I lay it out like that, so here goes my step by step explanation. I can remember seeing my daughter, little miss, playing with this doll.....having parties, playing school, building forts, and relaxing, watching TV. They're inseparable.

I also remember her telling me one day that her doll was not doing so well and that she was breaking.....her leg was going all "wonky". The first thing I said was what does a "wonky" leg on a doll mean? Little Miss replied that her doll's leg was breaking and she was having a hard time standing up. She said when her doll sat down, it pointed the wrong way. As I sat hearing and digesting this new information, I thought of a question for my daughter. I said well what are we going to do about this?

Her reply melted this daddy's heart. We have taught our children that everyone has value and a purpose. We are all part of GOD's family and he needs all of us to be his helping hands here on the earth for his children. I thought my daughter would come back with what I thought any seven year old would.... Maybe tape the leg or it is broken and I can't play with her anymore. Our sweet daughter said, I think I would like a pair of crutches or a wheelchair for her. She explained how she wanted to help this friend of her's. She told me how even though we may change, we still have value and purpose. I was speechless.

This little freckled face girl understood more than I gave her credit for. She understood that even though we are different than others, our lives are just as valuable.

In that little moment, I was reminded that what we teach our kids matter. They matter. The example we show them as we interact with others in this life matters. I will always be thankful for Scarlet, the doll with the wonky leg. She was able to teach my daughter and myself the importance of following the example of the Savior in all aspects of our lives.

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  1. What a beautiful story and example for all of us. What our children see is how they learn to live. I have been a little worried about my 4 y.o., because his father has some mental issues and his attitude is not caring about others. But a couple of weeks ago, I witnessed my son do an unprompted kindness for a little girl that was visiting us. When we see our children acting as God teaches us, it is one of the most beautiful and heart touching things in this world. Have a super day!

    1. Thank you so much and you're absolutely right! When finally those lessons start sinking in, it's such a wonderful feeling knowing they are listening.

  2. I'm sure you (Danielle) get this ALL the time, but I guess I will be one more of the many before me....I started a blog! You inspired me to start a please check it out if you get a chance. Thank you for your honesty.

  3. Oh yes, children learn what they live. Our son is deaf. I was so worried about him being bullied as he started school. But no; parents, teachers, and students have been so very supportive. At his young age, if a child is mean, I just have to ask, Well, where did he learn that behavior? Because children, at his age at least (he is 5) are not judgmental; they are merely curious. So we answer their questions and talk about what it means to be deaf and what help is available. Unfortunately a family member has been worst of all - casually referring to my child as "that deaf fat kid" - and I know that is what he is going to teach his future children too. By only seeing my child through his disability, he is missing out on getting to know a beautiful, funny, compassionate, caring, sweet, smart little boy - in the end he is missing out more than my son is.

    1. I agree with you about children being supportive, kind and perhaps curious. I have taught kindergarten and find that when a child is crying or hurt, other children are kind and sympathetic (mostly). The ones who are not, I assume have been taught NOT to be kind by some grownups' example or words. I completely agree with your comment and I thank you for posting this comment.

  4. What a sweet story of kindness. I saw ya'll have done a great job teaching your children. Also, I believe God uses our children to teach us lessons constantly. I know he uses my girls to teach me often.

    1. He absolutely does! I have learned so much from these sweet spirits God has entrusted me with.

  5. I loved this story. Thank you for your blog in general and this post in particular.

  6. I guess you don't have a little cat or dog run in around your house.certainly admire how you stick to your budget.i used the GI bill to get my house and only pay garbage and sewer tax because I am rated 100%.I had no down payment but unlike you have a mortgage.I get that back with my tenant and that pays the utilities with some was sold to me by another vet.retired AF officer.tell your hubby I says welcome home one vet to another.

  7. Awww... that is a sweet, sweet story! In the spirit of frugality (and fun!), I urge you to subscribe to "My Froggy Stuff" on Youtube. Your daughter will absolutely love it!!


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