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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

The Happiest Place on Earth...err...well in Las Vegas

I know by my title you were expecting some kind of talk about that character with mouse ears and a mega princess castle....well sorry but I may have mislead you. Although it is popular belief that Disneyland is "The Happiest Place" on Earth....I know all of us book nerds may disagree...we may even say that the library is. I know! I know! Totally cheesy right? Absolutely! Totally Dorky? Heck yes! Do I really think it is the happiest place on Las Vegas? Positively!

When I have a busy day, the library gives me a bit of peace. When the red heads are wild and crazy...and working to achieving a stressed out mama's limit...the library gives me peace. Peace when those munchkins enter and know immediately it is time to whisper. It is no longer time to poke and bug each other. It is no longer time to call each other Joe..... (the boy does this to Miss Priss and it drives her crazy!) It is time to find a book to immerse yourself in and enjoy a few moments in a make believe world.

It is time for Mom to finally sit down and take in page after page of recipes and craft tutorials. It is a real good time. A time to be slow and still.

Since I had children, I always knew I wanted them to be book nerds. I wanted them to appreciate the written word...whatever that word was. I wanted them to find joy in the words that can allow them to become a knight fighting a dragon, a wizard saving the world, or a pirate sailing the seven seas.

I don't know about you, but I can distinctly remember when I would go to the public library as a child. The public library was just minutes from our house..a quick drive for my parents to take me. My book nerd heart was born in that library. It grew as I devoured each book, those sweet librarians let me check out. There were no computers or a fancy check out kiosk, just a simple index card your name went on. I was so happy to get to borrow a book all by myself....with my own card I might add. I still have that card in my wallet. It's long been replaced with a newer version. Each time I come upon it, in that red leather wallet of mine, I smile. I smile and think of library trips, when my dad would drive and we'd listen to The Beach Boys. I'd sing Little Deuce Coup and stare out the window during our five minute drive. These are precious memories to me. Memroies I love to share with my kids as we drive to our local library.

Library trips have become a weekly occurrence. Something we all look forward to. I am thankful for traditions that I had with my parents, which I can pass down to my own littles. I am thankful for sweet red headed book nerds, who make my heart happy every day. I am also thankful for libraries here in Las Vegas. I am thankful for sweet librarians.... who lead my children to new, fun books. Thank you for allowing a mama a little bit of peace in the quietness within your walls. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

XO Danielle

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  1. Reading rocks! I really got into reading in highschool when I'd take the summers to catch up on all the pleasure reading I'd missed while being busy with boring books for school. Currently reading The Teenage Liberation Handbook~~an awesome book for anyone and especially teens and parents!

  2. I, too, LOVE the library. I'm constantly checking out books and movies and music. It's also a great way to save money. I've been going to my local library (which is walking distance from our house) since I could read and the librarians know me by name now. Heck, I don't even need my library card because most of the time they just type in my name into their computer system. I love the thrill of when you have to wait a really long time to receive a book that just came out and you finally get it and it's such a job to read. I was number 127 on the waiting list for the book The Fault In Our Stars and it was seriously worth the wait. I know it's a YA book, but if you haven't read it yet, I highly recommend you do. You will definitely shed a few tears, but it's so, so, SO good you won't regret reading it.

  3. Sweet post, I too have fond memories of my mom taking me to the library as a kid, it really was an escape for me. I am thankful for my local libraries fun summer programs that provide awesome and free activities for my kiddos all summer long!

  4. I totally agree. I have good memories of going to the library both as a child with my mother and as a young mom with my own "littles" - who are now grown up "bigs" taking their own "littles" to the library. Moms who teach their babies to read and love books are just the best. Have a happy day!

  5. The library is most certainly my happiest place on earth. I could lose myself in there for hours, days, years. My youngest has caught the reading bug too - she can't get enough - and I love it. She is such an old soul. She loves rummage sale-ing and crafting, artsy things, and thrift shopping. My perfect mini-me. (she's 8). My oldest (11) sadly has to be forced to read. It breaks my heart.
    Those Choose-your-own-adventure books are one of my all time favorites. I think I have to take the kids there today after school to pick up a few :D

    The card catalog with the dewy decimal system.... heaven. I should have been a librarian, what was I thinking.

    Thanks for the wonderful post and idea to get to the library sooner than later.

  6. Like you, I'm a life long bookworm, and some of my best memories are of growing up with a book loving father and the library. I love remembering the day my father first took me to the library and checked out "Little Women " for me.

    Another favorite memory is of first checking out "Little House In The Big Woods" in my third grade classroom library, then being totally astounded when I checked out "Little House On The Prairie" and learning that it was about the SAME people. This seemed like an incredible miracle.

    As a young married woman, I worked nights on the children's floor of a city library. I'm telling you, kids who love books are special. I had no discipline problems. Their excitement about books was heart warming.

  7. My friend is actually friends with the owner of the Back in the Day Bakery and gave me a (signed) copy of Griff and Cheryl's cookbook. I haven't broke into the recipes yet, but my friend (and her 5 year old daughter) have informed me that the banana pudding recipe is the GREATEST THING EVER. Just thought you'd like to know. :)

  8. I love the library! We use it for books, DVDs, online classes, museum passes and occasionally to suck up their airconditioning! I even go to 2 book clubs at my library and all is absolutely free!Believe it or not there are some people (even some of my friends) who don't think libraries should be around anymore! Such miss-guided souls!


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