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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

This Guy...

Sometimes when I'm reading, I look over and see this. I see big green eyes staring back at me. This best friend...always makes me laugh. It's his birthday today. The big 33. Age looks good on this guy ladies. If only my laugh lines looked quite as good. Thank you babe for always making me laugh. Thank you for always being my friend, my partner in crime, my sanctuary. I love you always and the moon back.

#lovehim #hillarious #imwatchingyou

XO Danielle


  1. hi danielle! i need to ask you some questions if i may? where can i email you privately?read your story on business insider and im so curious! thank you!

    1. you can email me at

  2. how sweet! mine does the same except its both us looking over computers, lol!! happy belated birthday to ur guy!!


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