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Thursday, May 1, 2014

Thoughts From The Hubby: Prayer

   Last night I was getting a post ready for you lovelies and I saw this gem. My hubby left it in the draft section on Blogger. I love it when I see little tidbits he has written for me. He is such a Godly man, one that I am truly thankful for. He is such an amazing example to me and makes me want to be closer to my Heavenly Father. I am so excited he is on this journey of life with me. He is my friend, my everything. Here is another post by that sweet man of mine.

Blissful and Domestic
 Easter 2014

I was just recently asked a very personal....a point blank question. It followed along these lines.....So you pray and talk with GOD, but how does that work exactly?

I seem to get asked this question a lot, for some reason. People will not believe that I am religious because I guess, in appearance, I look like someone who doesn't believe in the Almighty..... I will talk to people, bring up praying, and they kind of sit up straight and say "WHAAAT?" (picture a minion voice saying this). That high pitched Whaaat? is always followed by a "I didn't know you prayed". I stop and say "why yes I do". The next question that follows is "how do you know anyone is listening?" I respond with explaining something they know how to do, but may have taken practice to learn over time. For example, let's say driving a car..... everyone who has been doing it for a while understands it takes practice and experience to get the feel of driving down....while someone who is just starting out is unsure or apprehensive about the whole process.

Prayer is a free outlet to talk without being interrupted and being able to honestly have your voice heard by someone who loves you unconditionally. I have been like others..... I have struggled to believe prayer. I have had my faith tested. I hear people say "well I prayed and then nothing happened" or "I didn't get my wish". Well I am sorry to break the news, but praying to our Father in Heaven is not like having our own personal genie or wishing fountain. In life our purpose is to grow and learn. We cannot do this without some tough times in life. We will be tested. We must go through trials. As an individual, I pray for help in understanding what is going on in my life. I pray for help with whatever situation I am going through. I pray for strength. I also understand that all things in life are for the purpose of helping us learn and grow.

I understand there are quite a few times in life when we wonder why. Why did this happened to us? I can tell you I have felt this way personally and have had to come to understand that we are not being punished, but refined....just like a fine metal.

To get a pure metal it has to be broken away from the earth and then crushed. It is then put through a fire and heated to extremes. This refines the metal and separates what is of value and what is not. It is by no means an easy process, yet it is important for what it produces as an end result.

In life we are all going to be refined in a similar way. The one option we have is to express ourselves through communication in prayer. I have found that I am not always aware of the why, yet I have control over how I react to the current happenings of my life. Just like metal is refined to its purest state, we too can be made pure and whole through Christ.

If you are struggling and need help, then pray. Pray to Him above and ask for guidance...for help. When I am needing aid in whatever happenings are going on in my life, I think on my situation and then come to a decision based on what I know. I then take that into my prayers and ask if this what God would have me do. I then receive an answer in the form of feeling good about my choice if it is right, or I will receive a feeling of doubt or don't do that. God does speak to us, through His Holy Spirit.

    It does take practice and resolve to act upon what you have been praying about. I know some choices and answers can be hard to follow, but you have to have faith. You have to be willing to listen and follow. I have found it overall has been to my benefit to follow this line of thinking in my own life and has blessed myself and my family.

Isn't he just the best? I think I'll keep him forever :) 
You can see more thoughts from the hubby HERE

XO Danielle

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  1. Love this post! I love your blog - it is very inspiring to me!

  2. What a nice encouraging post. It IS so easy to question God at times, and think we know the better or "right" way to handle things. Thanks, Danielle and Jason for the encouraging message...

  3. I just loved the post from Jason and his thoughts on prayer, faith, being tested, trials, and believing in God's will. I never thought of the metal analogy before, but that was wonderful. Thanks for sharing your faith. You and your family are such a blessing.
    Barbara B.
    New York

  4. I happened to read this blog post two days after my young niece died unexpectedly. Your words about prayer and faith touched my heart and brought me a great deal of comfort. Thank you.


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