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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Be Fearless...

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As we go throughout this life, we will have times when we will have to defend our faith.  People will not always like us for the things that we believe and share. Although adversity may happen, we need to be brave and stand up.

I read a story about some sister missionaries who were out in a park and saw a man sitting alone. They walked towards him and what happened next breaks my heart. He began spitting and cursing at them. He hated them because of who they were...because of the LDS missionary name tags they wore.

Instead of showing anger, they turned the other cheek. They walked away, while food was thrown at them. These women were showing a Christ like love that goes beyond our basic instincts. My reaction would have been to tell that man "oh no you didn't!", but these sweet sisters turned and left.

In that moment, they were given a glimpse of what our Savior endured. He was spit upon, mocked, and was nailed to a cross because of the message he shared. He was doing God's work. He was saving the world and yet he was ridiculed. He endured all of this for you and for me.

I do not hide the fact I am LDS. I belong to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and I am proud of that fact. I love sharing my testimony here on this blog. For so long I was scared.  I was scared of what people may say if I wrote about my faith. Then one day the word fearless came to mind. The Lord was telling me to be fearless. For so long I had let fear keep me from doing his work. What a shame that was. He had greater work for me to do and I am so thankful I listened to the promptings of the spirit.

I believe that everyone matters, I believe that God knows us by name and knows our hearts. I believe that our names are imprinted in the palms of the Savior. The marks on His hands, from the nails, bare our name because He endured the ultimate sacrifice. I believe that through temples, families can be together forever. I believe that when we die, we are given more opportunities to learn of God. I know my sweet brother, who died far too young, will get a chance to learn about His Savior. What joy this brings me!

I believe that we live in a world, full of justifications and empty promises. The world promises us riches, fame, and quick fixes to our problems. These are only temporary. It is through our loving Father in Heaven we can gain eternal happiness.
I believe in being kind. I am a Christian and I believe in showing His love wherever I go. I am not fact I'm far from it, but through Christ I can be made whole.

I believe in standing up for right through our benevolent actions and words. Angry words and menacing actions are not a way to share God's glorious message.

For me standing up and being fearless is telling people they have value and that God loves them. If there is one single thing you learn today, please let that be it. I'd sing it from the roof tops if I could.

Today I pray we can be fearless. When we are fearless, great things can be accomplished. Be brave and know that you are amazing and very talented! I pray for you all today!

XO Danielle

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