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Friday, June 20, 2014

Videos: Grocery Haul Part 3

Once a Month Shopping + How To Video - Blissful and Domestic -

Once a Month Shopping + How To Video - Blissful and Domestic -
I surprise the family with Klondike Bars for a 
FHE treat this month. They were beyond excited :)

Good morning lovelies! Today I am giving you a bit of a rundown of what I bought this month. The video is a bit wonky, since I had a few issues filming. This was a great practice for next time, since some of you have requested monthly videos, so you can see what I stock up on and stuff. Above are how my freezers look now. Our shelves are stocked again too, since they were looking pretty bare at the end of last month. In the video is a breakdown of some of the things I bought.

Remember that this is what my family buys. I am not asking permission to buy these things or asking for you approval. Why do I say this? Well because there is always that one person who wants to tell me what I buy is horrible or "killing" my family. No joke folks. Why do you think I haven't down grocery hauls before? I just wasn't ready for some of the comments that might follow. I ask that you be kind and use my tips and tricks as an example.

We are all trying to save money for our family. This is just how I save my family money each month:)

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XO Danielle

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