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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Videos: How to Grocery Shop Once a Month Part 1


It's the beginning of the month, which means I have been gearing up for my once a month shopping trip. Today's video is all about taking inventory and how to gear up for your next grocery trip. Enjoy!

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  1. A few questions for your monthly grocery shopping. Do you go to multiple stores? Do you ever go to great sales to stock up in between. I've read Steve and Annette Economedes first book where they talk about monthly meal planning and monthly shopping....I just have a feeling I'd still be running out every now and then.

  2. That was great!!! I'm hoping you do a video where you show us your after grocery shopping of what you bought and I'd also like to see a video of how you meal plan for a month. That'd be even better!!!

  3. Ha ha I love the "awkward pause" and the "he never paused it" :) Great video! Thanks for all the tips :) !

  4. Love these videos- this one was very helpful to me! Thank you both for posting this. You guys crack me up- you are such a cute couple! :)

  5. Oooh Can't wait for the rest of the series! I just had a baby so the once a month grocery run is super appealing to me!

  6. I love your "realness"! So many blogs seem so staged. You have a very real presence. Maybe that's even something worth doing a video blog about? :) - Kasey

  7. I don't have the video :(, just blank white screen.

  8. I'm really looking forward to the rest of this series! Even if I can reduce my trips to 2 times a month, that would save me tons on impulse buys and gas money!


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