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Sunday, July 20, 2014

DIY Sharpie Designed Plate -- it actually works

DIY Sharpie Designed Plate -- it actually works

DIY Sharpie Designed Plate -- it actually works

DIY Sharpie Designed Plate -- it actually works

Alright I know you are all looking at this plate thinking "hmm what a great Father's Day gift. How come she didn't post this las month?" Well my answer would be I didn't think of it last month. I know I am running late to the Father's Day Party, but at least I got there. I actually ended up giving this to my pops for his birthday last weekend. The family came over, I made my banana cream pie ice box cake, and my dad left with one of his favorite treats. He loves Rice Krispie Treats and although it would have been nice to make them homemade, this mama is still being a big boober about the heat outside, so I do very little baking right now. I am all about the easy no bake cakes and ice cream in July:) Thankfully my Dad loves Rice Krispie treats any way they come.

DIY Sharpie Designed Plate -- it actually works

A week or so ago I was thrifting and saw some white plates. They were each only a dollar and I started racking my brain for a craft I could make with them. I love thinking outside the box and I love Pinterest (don't we all?). I remembered pinning something a year or so ago dealing with Sharpie markers and plates. I got home and checked out my pinterest board and found a few ideas. Below are the tips that have worked for me. I know many have tried this craft with mixed results. It took me a few tries, but think I have my Sharpie system down.

Just a warning though, this is highly you will begin searching for more things to draw on. I currently have a stack of white plates and mugs that I will share another day. I am creating a custom dinner set (hubby found me more white plates at a thrift store. Most husbands bring home flowers, mine brings home thrifted treasures. He's a keeper).

DIY Sharpie Designed Plate -- it actually works

Ready to make your own Sharpie Plate?

Let's get to it!

Items Needed:

rubbing alcohol
black sharpie marker
white plate, bowl, or mug


To start out you need a clean, white plate. The cleaner it is, the better your project will turn out. If your plate has a lot of imperfections, then they will become more noticeable after the baking part of this project. Just a little note for ya when picking out plates. This project can be done on plates, mugs, and bowls.

Wipe your plate down with a cotton ball, soaked with rubbing alcohol. This will get off any other residue that may still be on the plate after washing.

Allow your plate to dry completely. While you are waiting for your plate to dry completely, draw a few doodles on some paper. You can see my doodles here. You want to make sure you know what you will be doodling on your plate, since once you start there is no turning back....dun dun dunnnnnn!!!....Well it isn't that serious, but no one wants to waste a perfectly good plate, with half hearted doodles.

I personally like keeping it simple and fun. It doesn't have to be perfect. Get creative, google some designs if you need inspiration (that's what I did), include a favorite phrase, and perhaps even a hashtag (I had to explain the hashtag to my Dad).

Once your art work is completed, allow your design to sit and dry for 24 hours. This is very important. I didn't let me first batch sit out, before baking, and it was not cute, so DO NOT skip this step.

Once 24 hours has passed, put yor plate in a cold oven (I put mine right onto my oven rack) and preheat to 450'. Once your oven reaches that temperature, bake your plates for 35 minutes. When 35 minutes is up, turn off your oven and keep your plates in there until completely cool.

Your design will now be permanent and will not be able to wash off. These plates are handwash only though, so no using those dishwashers.

This is such a fun simple craft and the possibilities are endless! I am thinking I need to do a roundup of Sharpie Art because there are so many great ideas out there!

If you are wanting to do colored sharpies, be aware that the color can change in the oven. My "best" is yellow, but was oringinally red, so have that in mind when you create your plates.

DIY Sharpie Designed Plate -- it actually works

DIY Sharpie Designed Plate -- it actually works

I can't wait to share more Sharpie creations with you. What designs have you made with Sharpies?

XO Danielle
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  1. This is incredible! You are SO talented! I must go on a plate search.

  2. Love this. Next time I'm out thrifting I need to remember..plates, glasses, anything that I can write on :}

  3. I did this with my kids and it was a big bust. I followed all the rules and even re baked the plates after it started washing off. They were extremely disappointed as was I. Now I have white plates again.

  4. Wow - what a fun idea! I now have something else I will be looking for at Goodwill!


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